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Rose Red - 2002 Movie Quotes

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crowecat If you're quiet, and you listen, you can hear houses breathe. In the depths of night, you can hear them groan. (full quote)
crowecat You must drink from the grape and not the grain. (full quote)
crowecat (1) Two people, mid-20's; she's in a blue dress. He's in jeans. He's blond, overgolded. He's got a case of Roman hands and Russian fingers.(2) Tres chic, n'est-ce pas? (3) You're precognitive! (1) I can tell a hawk from a handsaw when the wind's in the northwest. (full quote)
crowecat A house is a place of shelter. It's the body we put on over our bodies. (full quote)
crowecat As our bodies grow old so do our houses. As our bodies sicken, so do our houses sicken. (full quote)
  Roses Mean Remember (full quote)
  Rose Red has always been pertictularly fond of the ladies (full quote)
  a house is a place of shelter it's the body we put on over our own bodies (full quote)
  as our bodies grow old, so do our houses As our own bodies may sicken So do our houses sicken (full quote)