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My Big Fat Greek Wedding - 2002 Movie Quotes

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  Don't let your past dictate who you are, but let it be part of who you will become (full quote)
  You're a vegetarian? Thanks ok, I'll make lamb. (full quote)
  You're a vegetarian. That's ok, I'll make lamb. (full quote)
  Oh, I don't know, if I had survived an old lady ass-kicking I would want to brag about it. (full quote)
  What do you mean do don't eat meat? That's ok, I'll make lamb. (full quote)
  When my people were developing philosophy your people were still swinging from trees. (full quote)
  Oh my weddingn ight, my mother, she says to me, Greek women, we may be lambs in the kitchen, but we are tigers in the bedroom. (full quote)
  When I was growing up I knew I was different. The other girls were blonde and delicate and I was a swarthy 6 year old with sideburns. (full quote)
  You're family now - all my life I've had this bump on the back of my began to hurt when I hit menopause. I got to the doctor and I had a bip-bop- bibbopsy. There, in that lump, was teeth and a spinal cord...yes it was my dead twin..Now! We celebrate! (full quote)
  Why you want to LEAVE me? (full quote)
  the man may be the head of the household, but the woman is the neck and she can turn the head anyway she wants. (full quote)
12818 There are two kinds of people - Greeks, and everyone else who wish they was Greek. (full quote)
  you hurt her, and ill kill you and make it look like an accident. (full quote)
9200 I had to go to Greek school, where I sat in a room translating, 'If Nick has one goat and Maria has nine, how soon will they marry?' (full quote)
9200 What do you mean he don't eat no meat!!? ... That's ok I make Lamb. (full quote)
  Put some windex on it. (full quote)
10929 Nicko! Don't play with the food! When I was your age, I didn't have food! (full quote)
10929 In the end, we're all fruit. (full quote)
10929 Hey Ian, we're gonna kill ya! Opah! (full quote)
10929 --How are we supposed to know what's going on? --It's all Greek to me. (full quote)
10929 --where are you going? --Pottery class. (full quote)
10929 Ian, if you're going to be in this family, I get you some ear plugs because the Portokalos women, if they are not nagging somebody, they die. (full quote)
10929 Nice Greek girls who don't find a husband, work in the family restaurant. So here I am, day after day, year after year, thirty and way past my expiration date. (full quote)
27312 My people were studying philosophy while your people were swinging on trees. (full quote)
14310 Put some Windex on it! (full quote)
14310 1- what is that? 2- Its Moussaka 1- Moose Kaka? (all girls except # 2)- hahaha!!! (full quote)
27700 Look everybody, Looks whos back again (full quote)
  give me a word, any word. and i sew you how the root of that word is greek (full quote)
  my daughter going to marry EE-ANN Miller. Ian Miller Exceno. Exceno with a toast family! (full quote)
  I'm a Snow Beast (full quote)
  Hey IAN, we're gonna kill ya!...OOMPA! (full quote)
GenieChick I wish I had a different life, I wish I was bravier and prettier or just happy. But it's useless to dream, because nothing ever changes! (full quote)
GenieChick Don't let your past dictate who you are, but let it be part of who you become! (full quote)
28319 I put windex on it. (full quote)
  Well, You and your fat ass wife take to long! (full quote)
  So now you are family. All my life, I have a lump at the back of my neck. Then, I hit the menopause and the lump got bigger. Then I get the hormoneeees and they do the bi-bipbop-bibopsy. Inside the lump, they found teeth and a spinal cord. Yes, inside the lump...was my twin. (full quote)
  Didn't i say it was wrong to educate the woman?but nooo, nobody listen to me, now we have a boyfriend in the house!is he a nice Greek boy, oh no no Greek, an Xeno!A Xeno with the big long hairs on top of his head! (full quote)
  -You know I had a huge pimple this morning too. -what happened to it? -I put some windex on it (full quote)
CarmiCrowe The man is the head of the family but the women are the neck and they can turn the head any way they want. (full quote)
  1: Actually, um Ian's a vegetarian. Uh, he doesn't eat meat. 2: He don't eat no meat? HE DON'T EAT NO MEAT?! *Long silence* Oh thats ok, I make lamb. (full quote)
  There's a hole in this Cake. (full quote)
  Cause nice Greek girls are supposed to do three things in life. Marry Greek boys, make Greek babies, and feed everyone until the day we die... (full quote)
  My dad believed in only two things... That Greeks should educate non-Greeks about being Greek, and that any ailment, from psoriasis to poison ivy, could be cured with Windex. (full quote)
  A couple more years went by, and my dad brought his mother from Greece to live with us... because we weren't weird enough. (grandma says she will not be kidnapped by turks in greek, hitting, and runnng out) We told my grandma the war was over... But she still slept with a knife under her pillow. (full quote)
  If nagging was an Olympic sport, my Aunt Voula would have a gold medal. (full quote)
  Here I am, standing here, your own private Greek statue. (full quote)
  Mike: Giving a pop quiz, and I can't wait to hear the groans. Ian: Man, you're tough. I'm giving a test on Hamlet, but I give fair warning. (full quote)
  Heh, the Greeks invented pottery. *spray* (full quote)
  So what happens is my dad and my uncles fight over who gets to eat the lamb brain. And then my Aunt Voula forks the eyeball, and chases me around with it trying to get me to eat it, because it's going to make me smart. (full quote)
  Here I am, standing like some private Greek statue. (full quote)
  The man is the head of the house, but the woman is the neck and she can turn the head any way she wants. (full quote)
  It's a mosquito bite (full quote)
  One more, one more, a big one (full quote)
  Dont let your past dictate who you are but let it be part of who you will become. (full quote)
  ...and you're just, you know... wonderful (full quote)
  All words come from greek. what about Kimono Mr.(last name of Father). Kimono, hmmm, Kimono. Ah yes. It comes from the greek word kimo, meaning winter and what do you wear in the winter a robe.Ah! There you go! (full quote)
  GUS: (wedding speech) So. Ian Miller. You know, the word Miller come from the Greek word meaning apple. Our family name, Pourtokalos, come from the Greek word meaning orange. So here tonight we have apple and orange. We all different. But, in the end, we all fruit. (full quote)
  Maria: So voula, how is business? Voula: O woe to me, business is bad. Gus: Voula what is wrong? do u need money? Maria: No what she means it with two business's she suffers. Voula: Yes, I have to send Talki to the big dry cleaning store and I have no time with him! (full quote)
  There like toast. My daughter is engagged to a person with parents that are toast. No honey No jam just toast, dry toast. (full quote)
  (1)my mother told me this on my wedding day. We women might be lambs in the kitchen, but tigers in the bed. (2)Ew please let that be the end of your story. (full quote)
  a pole with a circle on it (full quote)
  Ti enai efto to bunt? Enai caky maury! (full quote)
  To eixera, esai Turkos! (full quote)
  1. Ma? 2. What? 1. Why do I have to go to Greek school? 2. When you get married, Don't you wanna write your mother in law a letter? (full quote)
  Toula: I love him, ma. Maria: Oh Toula, eat something! (full quote)
  Maria: What is it? Harriet Miller: Its a bundt. M: A bun? H:A bundT.M A bondt? H: BUNDT BUUNDT!! M: I know, its a cake-y!....(to friend) there's a hole in this cake. (full quote)
  saw you sucking the lips off his face...told my ma who told your ma (full quote)
  look everybody!look who's back again!high ye ya.. (full quote)
  What you mean he don't eat not meat?! Eh, it's okay, it's okay! I make lamb! (full quote)
1454 You family now, so I tell you a story. All my life...I have this lump on the back of my neck. When I reach the menopause, the lump get bigger. I go to the doctor, and he performs And inside the lump, he finds teeth, and a spinal column. The was my twin. (full quote)
3225 1) Give me any word and I show you how the root of that word is greek. 2) Okay Mr. Portakalos, how bout the word kimono? 3) *whispers* good one 1) Ah, kimono kimono..ah kimo come from the greek word jimona which mean winter. What do you wear in the winter to keep warm, a robe? So robe, kimono, there you go. (full quote)
3225 I was taken aback by your very cool opening line of Hi (full quote)
3225 Mr. Pottery class. Nice to meet ya (full quote)
3225 I don't like my butt, but Taki likes my butt (full quote)
3225 1) The Portakalos women if they're not nagging somebody they die! 2) Oh you're in so much trouble when I tell my sister 3) tell me what?! (full quote)
3225 1) Nikki did someone sit on your hair, because it looks a little flat there 2) Angelo! Bite me! *punches #2* 3) Disgusting! Be a lady! 1) Ma! 3) Aww Angelo (full quote)
beekers 1)So here I was, stuck in this cabin for the whole summer with my parents. 2)Don't all your cousins go up, too? 1)No, I only have 2 cousins. They live in Wisconsin. Why, how many cousins do you have? 2)More than two! (full quote)
beekers Nikki gonna be you Godmother. (full quote)
beekers 1)Iassis, everybody. Hi, Yaya. Do I have the biggest scoop! Look at the earrings I found that will match the fabric of the bridesmaids' dresses! I remembered, we have a customer at the drycleaners who is a custom jewelry designer so I showed her the fabric. 2)What do these match? Not that fabric you showed me last week. 1)You said you liked it. 2)I said I'd think about it! (full quote)
beekers 1)Did you lose this? 2)Mrs. White, you find my mama again! You know, she come from Greece, which is where I come.... 1)Oh, for God's sake I know, look, keep your mother off my lawn, out of my basement, and away from my roof! (full quote)
beekers 1)Is she spitting on him? 2)Yeah, it's for good luck; keeps the devil away. (full quote)
beekers So, here I am at 30, not married, and way past my expiration date. (full quote)
beekers All the other girls were blond with pig tails. I was a swarthy ten year old with side burns. (full quote)
beekers 1)I was going through a phase up I was 'frump girl'. 2)I don't remember 'frump girl' but I remember you. You were that waitress. 1)Seating hostess, actually. (full quote)
beekers (pushing on collar bone)I could snap you like a chicken! (full quote)
beekers 1)Uhm, my parents names are Rodney and Harriet. 2)Well, I didn't notice, so maybe nobody else will, either. (full quote)
16188 Why do I have to go to Greek school? (full quote)
24366 1. You better get married're starting to look OLD! 2. He's been telling me this ever since I was 15. (full quote)
24366 1. (after answering the door) Ahh! You found my mama again! Did you know, she comes from Greece? 2. Yes I KNOW where she comes from! Now for the last time, keep your mother off my lawn, out of my basement, and AWAY FROM MY ROOF! (full quote)
24366 1. Ian, are you hungry? 2. No, I'm full, I just ate. 1. Okay, I fix you something. (full quote)
24366 1. Ma, I can get you pantihose on sale. 2. Okay but no Queensize, they make me look fat! (full quote)
26533 It's a mosquito bite. (full quote)
GenieChick You have two cousins, I have 27 first cousins, just 27 first cousins alone, and my whole family if big and loud and everybody's in each others lives and business. You never have a minute alone to just think. (full quote)
GenieChick My Family is big and loud, but they're my family we fight we laugh, and where ever I go, whatever I do, They will always be there! (full quote)
31819 I had a lummp in my throat. Inside they found teeth and a spinal cord,i kno what ur thiking. Yes it was my twin (full quote)
31819 what is it. (its a bunt) A bunntttt, a bonk, a bunnnnnnnnt (its a cake) A CAKE!! (full quote)
31819 Are u hungry i make u sumthin? (no im not hungry) ok i make u sumthing (full quote)
32757 Is your lucky day to be babtized in the Greek Orthodox church (full quote)
32757 Does she pick nice Greek boy? OH, NO! No Greek, Exceno! Exceno with the big, long, hair! (full quote)
36199 Why you want to leeeeeave me? (sobbing) (full quote)
Candicesherbin The man may be the head of the house. But the woman is the neck. She can turn the head any way she wants. (full quote)