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Don't Say a Word - 2001 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
8487 (in a somewhat creepy voice) I'll never tell. (full quote)
  I'll never tell. I'll never tell. Any of you. (full quote)
  wat did i say about noise? daddy's smart little grl arent ya? better hope ur mother didnt hear that. full screen on her, tighter. She heard. How do u know? She stopped breathing. (full quote)
  -America's sport-football -I hate football. (full quote)
  1) THERES SOMETHIN WRONG WITH THE PHONE! 2)theres nothin wrong with ur phone. 1) GET OFF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! 2) yea i know. 1) Who is this? 2) We have ur daughter. Whats ur worst fear Nathan? I know the first shock really buckles u down. I need something from u. 1) No. I want to speak to my daughter. 2) Rule #1:u do not make demands, u do as i tell u. 1)No, call me back when I can talk to my daughter. (full quote)
  I'll never tell... (full quote)
  You wan't want they want dont you~ I'll never tell I'll never tell any of you any of you any of you. (full quote)
  You wanna touch i saw you looking. 2. Dr. conrad get out 3. He wants mishka my doll. 4. I know what your trying to do you wanna embarrass me it wont work. 5. Choose for ya lose for ya choose for ya lose for ya (full quote)
  I'll never tell, I'll never tell.... Any of you. Any of you!!! (full quote)
  1. it's gunna cost you 2. alright, what's it gunna be 1. one hug, and TWO kisses 2. TWO KISSES?..alright (full quote)
8563 Miami has nothing but Marino with a golden arm and some fat-booty cheerleaders. They have no running game. It's like two virgins who can't find the damn hole. (full quote)
8563 You know that thing you were doing with the panties? Everybody does it. I mean, your best friends do it. Ah...the mailman does it. The science whiz, even the headmaster - they all whack off. And if anybody tells you they don't, they're lying. (full quote)
36168 I'll never tell!i'll never tell!any of you, any of you Any of you! (full quote)
8563 My Mom says I'm...she says I'm over-sexed. (full quote)
10929 Pride and joy. (full quote)
43385 wat did i say about noise? daddy's smart little grl aren't you? better hope ur mother didnt hear that. She heard. How do u know? She stopped breathing. (full quote)
chaparrita1121 I´ll never tell (full quote)