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Jeepers Creepers - 2001 Movie Quotes

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13007 You've got something it of u (full quote)
13007 You knw the part in Scary Movies where somebody does something really stupid and everybody hates them for it.....................this is it!!!!! (full quote)
11063 You think it's dead? They never are. (full quote)
13271 Listen, Hear that song?.............If u ever hear that song run for your life. Cuase it means somthing really bad. (full quote)
7869 Gay fever? (full quote)
  Jeepers Creepers, where`d you get those Peepers Jeepers Creepers, where`d you get those eyes! (full quote)
8217 Are your dreams ever wrong? (full quote)
8217 You actually did something decent for me. That's a part of history you can't change. (full quote)
8217 Sexy forever,huh? *You know that is you in 40 years* (full quote)
8217 Don't try to make this about the right thing to just wanna go back there and see if there's something nasty at the end of that pipe. (full quote)
8217 Wrapped and roped in a sheet with red stains on it. (full quote)
8217 That was a stop sign! (full quote)
8217 In your car I'd be kidding. (full quote)
8217 Take me. I won't fight you. Take me! (full quote)
8217 How many babies do you have? (full quote)
8217 He has to be sub-human, otherwise the smell would've killed him. (full quote)
8217 You are a class act, ya know that? (full quote)
8217 (Darry): You broke my heart in I can't find the..duct tape to put it together for you. When I met you I thought I would die, and I wanted to cry....didn't know you were evil and that you would hurt me Mr. Polly-si track team guy.... (full quote)
  You got a missing person and a fire in the next county go do something useful! (full quote)
  You know what it wants, you know who it wants. (full quote)
  Who hears Jeepers Creepers while screaming in the dark? (full quote)
  jeepers creepers where'd ya get those peepers?? jeepers creepers where'd ya get those eyes?? (full quote)
  1: Every 23rd spring, for 23 days, it gets 2: Eat? 1: you know what it eats so don't make me tell you! (full quote)
  be-eating-u (full quote)
  1: We gotta get out of here. 2: No, I wanna stay and feed the birds. (full quote)
  6AFOREVR-sexy forever (full quote)
  I found our body. (full quote)
  Wait a minute...I'm thinking beyond my own selfish little existance now. (full quote)
  what the hell did you bring into my house? (full quote)
  Look-its Beating You. (full quote)
  This guy has 5, maybe 6 hundred bodies down there and I saw them!! They were all stuck up on the wall like some psyhco version of the Sistine Chapel! (full quote)
  We have lights and phones out here! (full quote)
  I this your idea of a little adventure? (full quote)
  I'm just gonna look.... (full quote)
  1: what was his problem? 2: My first guess, INBREEDING!!!!!!!! (full quote)
  He's coming up right on our ass.... (full quote)
  Come on you son of a bitch! That's right walk that ugly face right over here. COME ON!!!!!!!!!! (full quote)
  The point of having a portable phone idiot is that it works when you need it! (full quote)
  Hi mom haven't seen you in forever--here's my dirty shorts. (full quote)
  You try doing laundry in a dorm. They don't steal they dye pink! (full quote)
  Hold on central...the sky is falling. (full quote)
  I'm so scared Trish. (full quote)
  1: They never found the car. 2: No no no---they never found her head. (full quote)
  And you know what he did Trish? He sewed it right back on. (full quote)
  1: Please, somebody's been killed! 2: Killed, you said? 1: Yeah, a police officer. 2: Oh me Jesus--I thought you meant one of my babies! 1: Did you hear what I just said?? (full quote)
  That's....not my scarecrow. (full quote)
  You have 10 seconds, to get your ass outta my yard! And don't think I'm gonna tell you twice! (full quote)
  penis (full quote)
  hehe doody (full quote)
  GO AROUND ME!!! (full quote)
  ass and butt you lose (full quote)
  ass and butt you lose (full quote)
  ass and butt you lose (full quote)
  Jeepers, Creepers, where did you get those epitoms? (full quote)
  (not quite exactly but yeah) Trish: Momma's Boy. Darry: Daddy's Whore. Trish: Dicklicker. Darry: ball Sniffer. Trish: *as leaning out window* Ass kisser. Darry: *trying to find words* Butt...picker? Trish: *laughing* repeat! Ass and Butt you LOSE!!!!!!! (full quote)
  beatngu (full quote)
  1: we'll call the police 2: and say what.. hi bum-fuck police...... (full quote)
  Hey Bum-fuck police, we're being chased by a guy who likes to pull tongues out of severed heads with his there a special connection for that? (full quote)
3594 Trish: That was a stop sign. Derry: You're kidding, right?! Trish: In your car I'd be kidding. Derry: On this road?! I haven't seen a car in fifty miles! (full quote)
3594 Derry: Ga-Gay fever! No! Gay forever-gay forever. Ha! That's mine! That's three for little bro! Trish: That's a six, not a 'G' you idiot. That's Sexy Forever, that's mine, that's five to two. Derry: Shit. Trish: Gay Fever?! (full quote)
3594 Derry: You, broke my heart in two. Now I can't find the duct tape to put it together for you...Come on girl, sing along now! When I met you I thought I would die, I wanted to cry. Didn't know you were evil, or that you would hurt me, Mr. Polyscitrackteamguy...turns out you're a twit and a...JESUS! What the hell's his problem?! Trish: Just get out of his way, Derry! Let him pass you, Derry!...What the hell are you doing?! Derry: GO AROUND ME! Trish: Get off the road and let him pass you! Derry: HE'S NUTS! Trish: I know he's nuts, pull over! Derry: GO AROUND ME! Trish: Slow down and let him fucking pass you! Derry: I'M TRYING! Trish: JESUS! Derry: SHIT! Trish: What the hell was his problem?! Derry: My first guess...IMBREEEEEEEDING!...Get a load of that nasty old thing, what is that, the vehicle of choice for assholes and fuckin' serial killers?! Trish: God, you know what I just thought of right? Derry: Kenny and Darla? Trish, they died about a hundred miles from here. Trish: It's the same highway. Derry: This highway runs the length of the state. Trish: You believe it? Derry: What, did they go looking for her head? Trish: That they never found them. They only found the car. Derry: No, no, no, they never found her head. They found the car. They didn't find him or her head. Trish: God! Look at me! I'm still shaking! Derry: I think every generation has their cautionary tale of drinking and driving on prom night. Trish: I don't know. I always heard it was true...Wheaton Valley High, class of '78...Wanna know somethin'? Derry: Hmm? Trish: When I first heard that story, I used to think this was the highway I would die on. Derry: Quite the cheery figure today, aren't we sis?! God, what's Polysci guy been doin' to you anyway?!...Beating you...That was the license plate on the van we just saw. B-E-A-T-N-G-U. So, BEATNGU! That's mine! That's three to five, Oh shit! T (full quote)
3594 Derry: Hey, it's BEATNGU. Trish: What's he doing? Derry: What the hell is that?! Trish: What the hell was he doing?! Derry: He dumped something down that pipe! Trish: Wrapped in a sheet. Derry: Wrapped and roped in sheet. Trish: Wrapped and roped in a sheet with red stains on it...Just get us outta here! Derry: All right! Grab my cellphone! Trish: Where?! Derry: It's in the gym bag. Trish: Oh Jesus! Derry: Oh, you gotta be kiddin' me! Trish: The point of having a portable phone, idiot, is that it works when you need it! Derry: I have a power cable for it. Trish: Yeah, and I have a cigarette lighter that doesn't work. Derry: Ah, fu-godammit, what did I say, my car! We shoulda taken my car! Trish: He's coming up right on our ass! Derry: What the hell's he got in that thing?! He's got it supped up or something! Trish: HE'S COMING UP RIGHT ON OUR... Derry: WHAT DOES HE HAVE IN THAT THING?! HE'S GOT IT SUPPED UP!... Trish: YOU'RE OUT OF your FUCKING MIND! Derry: WHAT THE HELL'S your PROBLEM?! Trish: WHAT THE HELL'S THE MATTER WITH YOU?!...Derry what are you doing?! Derry: HANG ON! Trish: JUST DON'T KILL US, OKAY?! (full quote)
23522 Trish: What the hell was his problem? Darryl: My guess...INBREEDING! Darryl: Wait...the license plate said BEATNGU...BEATING YOU! That ones mine! Trish: NO! You gotta call it when you see it! Darryl: I was in shock ok! (full quote)
23883 hey dumb fuck police we're being chased by a phyco who likes to pull people tounges out with his teeth is there a special unit for that (full quote)
Jaws219 Jeepers, Creepers wheredid you get those peepers? (full quote)