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Love the Hard Way - 2001 Movie Quotes

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Deirdre216 Jack: I've slept with over two hundred women. Claire: *coughs while laughing* Two hundred? Wilt Chamberlain said he slept with 20,000, so that makes you look like a punk. Jack: Ya know somethin' really have a dumb laugh. (full quote)
Deirdre216 Claire: You can't smoke in here. Jack: *drops an ashtray on the table* Now I can. (full quote)
Deirdre216 Claire: What do you like, besides smoking? Jack: What do I like? Boxers who can hook off the jab, oysters Rockafeller, rugrats, anything that gives me a kick. Claire: Can you make a living out of that? (full quote)
Deirdre216 Claire: So what do you think's gonna happen next? Jack: Well let's assume that your in love with me.. Claire: and...? Jack: I'm driving you back to my place, and I've fallen in love with you too... Claire: phbth, aw come on.. Jack: ...forever. I'm serious. Claire: You need to write pulp fiction, you'd make so much more money than shaking down foreign business men. Jack: What? My story doesn't have a ring of truth to it? Claire: Definitely not, I'm not in love with you. Jack: *smiles* Not yet.....not yet. (full quote)
Deirdre216 Jack: What kind of movies do you prefer..the ones with the sad endings or the happy ones? Claire: Sad ones definitely. I only like movies that make me cry. Jack: your crying with the right guy. Claire: Is that what you want? (full quote)
Deirdre216 Man: Who's that? Claire: Jack. Man: Who's Jack? Claire: Just some guy I used to know. (full quote)