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Big Fat Liar - 2002 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  IT'S ALL YOU GRANDMA! (full quote)
26533 They told me to pick up a little blue car. They didn't say anything about a little blue man. (full quote)
  and im hungry like a wolf (full quote)
28667 1. Hey Marty i like your new colouring (full quote)
28667 1. We want to get some sightseeing in before we cover this town with fur (full quote)
  Jason my name is jason Marty:and it always be!!! (full quote)
4384 I spent half the night with a scrub brush and a can of turpentine. Bye-bye little boy blue, I am back! (full quote)
  Astrid Barker please...This is Doris Del Rio down in parking. Do you drive a Saturn ma'am? Well.........your car is parked on a dawg, in the tail area to be specific (full quote)
13284 Key, Kaylee, you got a plunger? I took a dookie and clogged up the toilet. (giggles madly) Oh, no, look at this! what a mess! (full quote)
13284 Today, we are going to learn about a friend of mine that I like to call Mr. Semicolon. (clears throat) The Semicolon was first used in a 1732 letter to Parilament by Mr. Jebediah Wil-kin-son. W-I-L... (full quote)
13284 1. Where are you taking me? 2. I already told you, I know a shortcut! 1. IN THE DESERT? Stop this car, I'm getting out! 2. It's your call, baby. Do what you gotta do! (full quote)
13284 Yeah, I stole your story, whoop-de-doodle-do! I STOLE JASON SHEPARD'S STORY AND TURNED IT INTO BIG FAT LIAR! Do you know who's listening? Nobody and get used to it. Because I will never-ever-never-ever-ever-ever-ever-infinity tell the truth! (full quote)
  UP yourS BLUE BOY!!! (full quote)
  So, this here is a little place that i like to call Los Ang-gul-les (full quote)
  monty , cruizma from marcus duncans office im tapping for second assistant HAHAHAHA so i was watching charmed on the wb lastnight and just as allissa milano was about to put a spell on her cute demond boyfriend i had the most biggest panic attack that i forgot to give you duncans new address HAHAHAHA tell mr wolf duncan lives at........ (full quote)
  Jaleel White: Wolf how many times have I told you not to call me Urkel? My name is Jaleel White ok Urkel was a fictional character that I played when I was a child. (full quote)
  Wouldn't it be a problem since the headset is SUPERGLUED TO your EAR. (full quote)
  Wouldn't it be a problem since the headset is SUPERGLUED TO your EAR. (full quote)
  Listen Whitaker I am not your father and i'm not your priest i got two words for you shut the heck up you talk way too much... can we cut? (full quote)
RamsGirl11 I got some R-rated dialogue, but I'm gonna keep it PG. I'm gonna keep it PG! (full quote)