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Time Machine, The - 2002 Movie Quotes

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  we all have our time machines dont we.... ones the take us back.. our memories... and ones that bring us forward.... our dreams (full quote)
30324 Hartdegen: Why can't one change the past?Vox: One cannot travel into the past. (full quote)
30324 Über-Morlock: You think I don't know you Alexander? I can look inside your memories, your nightmares, your dreams. You're a man haunted by those two most terrible words, What If? (full quote)
30324 Hartdegen: This is a perversion of every natural law!Über-Morlock: And what is time travel?! But your pathetic attempted to try to control the world around you! (full quote)
30324 Hartdegen: I could go back a hundred times and watch her die a hundred ways. (full quote)
  ...and sometimes you have to fight, even if you are afraid (full quote)
  Who are you to judge 800,000 years of human evolution????? (full quote)
40149 You are the unscapable result of your tragedy as I am the unscapable result of you. (full quote)