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Pump up the Volume Movie Quotes

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10675 The truth is a virus (full quote)
  being in a screwed up place at a screwed up time does not nessisarily mean you're screwed up. (full quote)
11689 Talk hard (full quote)
11689 #1 what did it say? #2 Cresswood is a maggot pusswod. (full quote)
12743 So I said fuck it, I said so be it. (full quote)
13715 Everything decents been done. All the great themes have been used up and turned into theme parks. (full quote)
13974 I don't mind being dejected and rejected, but I'm not gonna be ashamed about it. (full quote)
  Is it bigger than a baby's arm? (full quote)
  so be it (full quote)
  Even if I did have a car, all I could do is drive to the local mall, maybe play some fuckin' video games, smoke a joint and get stupid. (full quote)
  Being young is sometimes less fun than being dead. (full quote)
10929 My parents say I'm disturbed. We're all disturbed and if we're not, why not? (full quote)
10929 Politics is out, sex is out. All the great themes have been done. They've been turned into theme parks. (full quote)
10929 Get together. (full quote)