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Brute Man, The - 1946 Movie Quotes

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46800 [newspaper headline] BACK BREAKER CLAIMS SECOND VICTIM (full quote)
46800 [newspaper headline] MAYOR CHARGES POLICE LAXITY IN CREEPER KILLINGS (full quote)
46800 [newspaper headline] GROCERY BOY SLAIN BY THE CREEPER (full quote)
46800 [newspaper headline] CREEPER MURDERS TERRORIZE CITY (full quote)
46800 [newspaper headline] BOY MURDER CLUES MAY LEAD TO CREEPER (full quote)
46800 [newspaper headline] MYSTERY IN PAWNBROKER MURDER (full quote)
46800 [newspaper headline] MAYOR IN ULTIMATUM TO POLICE Demands Capture of Creeper in 24 Hours "Or Else" (full quote)
46800 [newspaper headline] GIRL TIPS OFF POLICE ON "CREEPER" (full quote)
46800 [newspaper headline] BLIND GIRL CONFESSES FRIENDSHIP WITH "CREEPER" KILLER (full quote)
46800 [newspaper headline] BLIND GIRL TELLS ALL ABOUT 'CREEPER' (full quote)