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Waiting to Exhale - 1995 Movie Quotes

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12136 1. I give you eleven fucking years and then you leave me for a white woman?! 2- Would you be happy if she were black? 1. I would be happy if YOU were black! (full quote)
12136 The men in Denver are dead. That's why I'm changing towns again. (full quote)
12136 I don't know why I pick the wrong men to fall in love with. My weakness is pretty boys with big sticks. (full quote)
12136 A long time ago, i asked God to send me a decent man. I got Robert, Cedric, Darrell and Kenneth. God's got some serious explaining to do. (full quote)
12136 Most men are deaf. They prefer to guess waht you need, but they don't guess worth shit. They lie without a conscience. What they best at is convincing us that we should feel desperate. Thank God I don't fall for that shit! (full quote)
12136 Bernie, how DARE that son-of-a-bitch leave you with two kids!! (full quote)
12136 Russell, a Lying, sneaky, whorish Pisces! (full quote)
12136 You're gonna be using Morse Code to contact your little girlfriends. (full quote)
12136 The bastard comes every two years and I'm supposed to get excited? YOU get excited! (full quote)
12136 Hell, yeah, I'm single and desperate and have no morals and when you turn your back, I'm gonna flirt my butt off and then take your man. (full quote)
12136 If I hurry, I can still catch Dick Clark. (full quote)
12136 I betcha there are serial killers less anal! (full quote)
12136 I was your white woman for 11 years! (full quote)
12136 There I was- his secretary, his office manager and his computer! (full quote)
12136 I need you to be the fucking background to my foreground! (full quote)
12136 732! The number of times we made love! I rememebr when that bastard was counting. Right ater 51! (full quote)
12136 You're the motherfucking improper influence! Get your shit- GET your SHIT AND GET OUT!!!!!! (full quote)
12136 1) It's against the law to burn anything except trash in your yard 2) It is trash (full quote)
12136 My brain was saying, Put your hands anywhere but on my body and then go home and don't come back, you human submarine sandwich. (full quote)
12136 My brain was saying, Put your hands anywhere but on my body and then go home and don't come back, you human submarine sandwich. (full quote)
12136 Does he think he just did something here? Shit. I could have had a V-8. (full quote)
12136 Lord, let him be merciful again tonight (full quote)
12136 If I don't hear from him by noon, I'm checking out. I mean just that. (full quote)
12136 Hell, it's been five months and he has gotten on my last nerve. (full quote)
12136 Now I am the keeper of the damn zoo (full quote)
12136 If I hear that you had them anywhere near that tramp bitch, you're going to regret it for the rest of your life. (full quote)
12136 If your daddy wasn't gay, I'd send your black ass straight to him! (full quote)
12136 You're sorry for everything, aren't you Tarik? You're sorry about your grades, sorry for lying, sorry for letting some little girl suck on your seventeen year old dick!! (full quote)
12136 You wanna do your job? Well, you'll never get another whiff of this! (full quote)
12136 I wouldn't give him the satisfaction, the little fat fuck! (full quote)
12136 Every woman needs a man and you ain't no exception (full quote)
12136 No man asked me to meet his mother before. Maybe he's not into the stuff all that much. Maybe if we got to know each other a little better, maybe I can be a good influence on him. (full quote)
12136 This is how women get screwed. Too laxy to look out for yourself, so you put all your trust in your husbands. (full quote)
12136 1. I needed to get laid so I did. 2. Now how can you say something like that? 1. easy, Men have been doing it for years. (full quote)
12136 Enjoy the lowlife while you can, girl. (full quote)
12136 You black bitches is all the same! You complain all the time about don't nobody want your asses, don't know how to treat you. As (full quote)
12136 Take your drunk ass, leather wearing in the summertime, need a shave, stinky ass home! (full quote)
12136 Oh God, I hope he's not watching me walk away (full quote)
12136 All dogs don't go to heaven. (full quote)
12136 It hurts like hell. (full quote)
  I dont have to love him to do it. Hell, my body needs this. (full quote)
  1-*growling* 2-Grrr? 1-*growl louder* 2-Grrr? 1-*growl again* 2-Grr eh? 1-*finishes up* I'm a keeper at the damn zoo! (full quote)
12136 Girlfriend, here's to piece of mind and all the happiness that your heart and hand can hold, because Lord knows you deserve it. (full quote)
12136 Why do they write these damn songs? What, to make you think and believe and dream that you could feel like this. Someone must have gone through this shit in order to write it. (full quote)
12136 Sorry, I've never been on OPRAH (full quote)
12136 Mommy, is freak a bad word? (full quote)
12136 You know what inspiration is? It's someone who lets you know life will go on and something beautiful can be waiting....waiting when you least expected it. (full quote)
12136 I don't think those are God's tears at all. Just his way of making sure everything keeps growing. (full quote)
12136 You know what, the more I think about it, the more I look at you, you look like the scum of the fucking earth. (full quote)
12136 I was the lucky ones, the most important in your life, meaning you'll abandon your wife and child to get laid every chance I give you. You think the brass ring is some bogus promise to put me in Paula's shoes so you can do the same fucking thing to me next year? That's pretty close to resistable, Lover man. (full quote)
12136 Men don't be crying over no woman unless they love them. (full quote)
12136 I am sick of you telling me how to live, who you think i should love, marry, and i'm sick of it! I'm 33 years old and I live alone and I may have to accept the fact that I may live alone for the rest of my life! (full quote)
12136 Read my lips: We don't need you in our lives! (full quote)
22694 Does he think he did something here? Shit, I coulda had a V8 (full quote)
24986 1) I'm coming for my kids on Sunday. 2) Yeah...? And if I hear you get them near that TRAMP BITCH you're going to regret it for the rest of your life! (full quote)
roger ramjet That lyin' asshole! (full quote)
30307 Shit! I coulda had a V-8! (full quote)
32296 1) They got little dicks and can't fuck 2) or big ones and still can't fuck (full quote)
rhps2000 I like a woman with a little meat on her bones. (full quote)
rhps2000 I could be at home watching Good Times. (full quote)
rhps2000 1) You know there was this woman in your same situation. She loved a man who said he'd leave his wife. She even moved to the same city as him. Then when she was three months pregnant, he left her. So, she got an abortion. She never told anyone. Not even her mama. She never looked at men the same. 2) Hmm. But he left his wife in the end, right? 1) Take a wild guess, Savannah. 2) what tv show did you see this on? Oprah? 1) Sorry, I've never been on Oprah. (full quote)
Nikicole Don'e let the smooth taste fool ya! (full quote)
Nikicole You black bitches need to be more careful who you pick up in grocery stores. (full quote)