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Gilda - 1946 Movie Quotes

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4722 Who do ya think your kidding Johnny? (full quote)
4722 It doesnt matter..because we where both such stinkers werent we? (full quote)
4722 what was that word Gilda?....Decent!I said decent! (full quote)
4722 I hate you so much Johnny...I hate you so much that I think Im going to die from it, darling! (full quote)
4722 It means make hay while the sun shines... (full quote)
8936 Pardon me, but your husband is showing. (full quote)
  Statistics show that there are more women in the world than anything else--except insects. (full quote)
10929 One night she started to shimmy and shake/ And that's what started the Frisco quake. (full quote)
10929 To me a dollar was a dollar in any language. (full quote)
10929 Amado Mio. (full quote)
10929 Put the blame on Mame. (full quote)
10929 You wouldn't think one woman could marry two insane men in one lifetime, now, would you? (full quote)
10929 If I'd been a ranch, they would have named me the Bar Nothing. (full quote)
10929 Statistics show that there are more women in the world than anything else. Except insects. (full quote)