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Barbershop - 2002 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Man fuck Jesse Jackson (full quote)
  Who drank my apple juice?! (full quote)
  Who drank my goddamn applejuice! (full quote)
  Thas a safari punch!! (full quote)
  I'm gonna cut somebody (full quote)
  EDDIE....nigga (full quote)
28056 FUCK Jesse Jackson. (full quote)
GenieChick Who drank my god damn apple juice?? (full quote)
  1)hey where you goin? 2)her with that attitude na ah 3)don't be scurred (full quote)
  Rosa Parks aint do nothin but sit her black ass down She was tired (full quote)
  Aint this a Barbershop? Aint this a Barbershop? (full quote)
  Y0U'RE MAH BOY BLUE! YOU'RE MAH BOY! (full quote)
  See, when I get through his face is gonna be real smooth, like Gary Coleman (full quote)
30992 I'm gonna get a tatoo that say 'Thug Nasty'. That's me, Thug Nasty... Nasty Thug. (full quote)
33501 ...Rodney King deserved to get his beat for being grown in a Hyundai... (full quote)
  Well, did you or didn't you? Inquirin minds wanna know (full quote)
  I think I messed up my part (full quote)
Marvin Acme There's three things that black people need to tell the truth about. One, Rodney King should have got his ass beat...for driving drunkand being pulled over in a Hyundai. Two, O.J. did it. And three, Rosa Parks ain't do nothing but sit her black ass down. (full quote)
10929 Are you stupid, simple, or slow? Which one? (full quote)