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Rear Window - 1954 Movie Quotes

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3605 Intelligence. Nothing has caused the human race so much trouble as intelligence. (full quote)
13901 1. whats say we go and see what's in that garden? 2. I've always wanted to meet Mrs. Thorwald 3. what, what? 2. Well why not 3. I just don't want you to end up like that dog, with your neck broken! 1. Yea well I think he has a point. (full quote)
26009 Preview of coming attractions - Grace Kelly (full quote)
10929 People do a lot of things in private they couldn't possibly explain in public. (full quote)
10929 -She wants me to marry her. -That's normal. -I don't want to. -That's abnormal. (full quote)
10929 Every man's ready to get married when the right girl comes along. (full quote)
10929 When two people love each other, they come together...WHAM! Like two taxis on Broadway. (full quote)
10929 -Why does a man leave his house three times on a rainy night and come back three times? -Maybe he likes the way his wife welcomes him home. (full quote)
10929 I'm not much on rear window ethics. (full quote)
10929 -I wish I were creative. -You are. You're great at creating difficult situations. (full quote)
10929 Right now I'd welcome trouble. (full quote)
10929 Nobody ever invented a polite word for a killing yet. (full quote)
10929 what HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER? (full quote)
Arsey 1. When will I see you again? 2. Not for a very long time. At least not until tomorrow night. (full quote)
Arsey 1. what do you think? 2. Well, uhm... 1. Let me rephrase the question. 2. Thank you. 1. Do you like it? 2. Very much. (full quote)
Arsey 1. Anything else bothering you? 2. Yes. Who are you? (full quote)
Arsey I'm not much of a snifter. (full quote)
Arsey 1. Well, what's that supposed to be ma'am? 2. It's called 'Hunger'. (full quote)
10929 You heard of that market crash in '29? I predicted that. (full quote)
10929 Jeff, you've got a lot to learn about homicide. (full quote)
10929 To see you is to love you. (full quote)
Arsey Well, if there's one thing I know, it's how to wear the proper clothes. (full quote)
Arsey 1.where does a man get inspiration to write a song like that? 2.He gets it from the landlady once a month. (full quote)
Arsey 1.Maybe one day she'll find her happiness. 2.Yeah, some man'll lose his. (full quote)
Arsey When I married Miles, we were both a couple of maladjusted misfits. We are still maladjusted misfits, and we have loved every minute of it. (full quote)
Arsey 1.I get myself half killed for you and you reward me by stealing my assignments. 2.I didn't ask you to stand in the middle of that automobile racetrack. 1.You asked for a, something dramatically different. You got it. 2.So did you. (full quote)
Arsey You'd have to eat things that you wouldn't want to look at while they were alive. (full quote)
Arsey Must've splattered a lot. (full quote)
Arsey 1.He killed a dog last night because the dog was scratching around in the garden. You know why? Because he had something buried in that garden that the dog scented. 2.Like an old hambone? 1.I don't know what pet names Thorwald had for his wife. (full quote)
Arsey 1.Today's a very special day. 2.It's just another Wednesday. The calendar's full of 'em. (full quote)
Arsey You haven't spent much time around cemeteries, have you? (full quote)
Arsey What do you say we all sit down and have a nice friendly drink too, hmm? Forget all about this. We can tell lies about the good old days during the war. (full quote)
Arsey 1.Oh, Jeff, if you need any more help, consult the yellow pages in your telephone directory. 2.Oh, I love funny exit lines. (full quote)
Arsey One thing I don't need is heckling. You called me and asked for help. Now you're behaving like a taxpayer. (full quote)
Arsey 1.I just can't figure it. He went out several times last night in the rain carrying his sample case. 2.Well, he's a salesman, isn't he? 1.Well, what would he be selling at three o'clock in the morning? 2.Flashlights. Luminous dials for watches. House numbers that light up. (full quote)
Arsey 1.A steal at eleven hundred dollars. 2.Eleven hundred? They ought to list that dress on the stock exchange. (full quote)
Arsey 1.She's too perfect, she's too talented, she's too beautiful, she's too sophisticated, she's too everything but what I want. 2.Is, um, what you want something you can discuss? (full quote)
Arsey 1.The New York state sentence for a Peeping Tom is six months in the workhouse. 2.Oh, hello, Stella. 1.And they got no windows in the workhouse. (full quote)
Arsey 1.Gunderson, how did you ever get to be such a big editor with such a small memory? 2.By thrift, industry, and hard work... and, uh, catching the publisher with his secretary. (full quote)
Arsey I can hear you now: 'Get out of my life, you wonderful woman. You're too good for me.' (full quote)
  g (full quote)
10929 Yeah, she'll wind up fat, alcoholic and miserable. (full quote)
10929 Well, I only quote from the best. (full quote)
Arsey You'd think the rain would've cooled things down. All it did was make the heat wet. (full quote)
Arsey 1.We've become a race of Peeping Toms. What people ought to do is get outside their own house and look in for a change. Yes sir. How's that for a bit of homespun philosophy? 2.Readers Digest, April 1939. 1.Well, I only quote from the best. (full quote)
Arsey Jeff, you know if someone came in here, they wouldn't believe what they'd see? You and me with long faces plunged into despair because we find out a man didn't kill his wife. We're two of the most frightening ghouls I've ever known. (full quote)
Arsey Look Miss Fremont, that feminine intuituon stuff sells magazines, but in real life it's still a fairy tale. (full quote)
Arsey 1.It's about time you got married, before you turn into a lonesome and bitter old man. 2.Yeah, can't you just see me, rushing home to a hot apartment to listen to the automatic laundry and the electric dishwasher and the garbage disposal and the nagging wife... 1.Jeff, wives don't nag anymore. They discuss. 2.Oh, is that so, is that so? Well, maybe in the high-rent district they discuss. In my neighborhood they still nag. (full quote)
Arsey 1.She sure is the 'eat, drink and be merry' girl. 2.Yeah, she'll wind up fat, alcoholic and miserable. (full quote)
Arsey 1.Would you fix me a sandwich, please? 2.Yes, I will. And I'll spread a little common sense on the bread. (full quote)
Arsey 1.She's like a queen bee with her pick of the drones. 2.I'd say she's doing a woman's hardest job: juggling wolves. (full quote)
Arsey 1.Are you interested in solving this case or in making me look foolish? 2.Well, if possible, both. 1.Well then, do a good job of it. (full quote)
Arsey Why would Thorwald want to kill a little dog? Because it knew too much? (full quote)
45521 That may have been a woman, but it wasn't his wife. (full quote)