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Kill Me Later - 2001 Movie Quotes

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Guamchick23 what kind of normal person dreams of being cremated, anyway?! (full quote)
Guamchick23 Guy: You think I'm an asshole, don't you? Girl: Doesn't matter. Guy: No, it doesn't. (full quote)
Guamchick23 Hey! Leave me alone. I'm still unconscious. (full quote)
Guamchick23 Whats to get? Two and two are always four, no matter how good, bad, beautiful, ugly, charming, or annoying. No matter how bad things can be, numbers are reliable - just like my cigarettes, always there for me. (full quote)
Guamchick23 You wanna know my dream? It's a beautiful dream...To be cremated! (full quote)
Guamchick23 Guy: You really are beautiful, you know. Girl: No, I'm not. Guy: Yes you are. Girl: No, I'm not. Guy: Yes. You are. (full quote)
Guamchick23 Girl: Here, take this. (throws a box a Midol to guy) Guy: Midol? No, I'm not having my period this week, babe! Girl: Well, thats something to be thankful for, isn't it? (full quote)
  Being to chraming was never one of my faults. (full quote)
  Being to charming was never one of my faults. (full quote)