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Undercover Brother - 2002 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  It Ain't No Thang~ (full quote)
  You Mess With The Fro You Gots To Go~ (full quote)
toothboy12 Blackness confirmed, you got soul brother! (full quote)
  Undercover Brother! If you are going to blend into the white world you are going to have to like MAYONAISE!! (full quote)
8487 You mess with the 'fro, you gotta go. (full quote)
8487 CAUCASIAN OVERload! CAUCASIAN OVERload! (full quote)
8487 1) (after 2 knocks on his door) Who's there? 2) Kung! 1) Kung who? 2) Kung Fu! (full quote)
8487 Today is a great day for black people of all races. (full quote)
8487 I see white people. (full quote)
8487 Hey! Don't be dissin' me! (full quote)
  I'm to funky fo my self! (full quote)
  your body is slammin, so let's get to jammin! (full quote)
  just blame it all on the white man (full quote)
rubytuesday_2 what it is, Chief? (full quote)
rubytuesday_2 freeze! Put down the mayonnaise! (full quote)
rubytuesday_2 Move over, Colonel, here comes the general! (full quote)
rubytuesday_2 1.) I feel black. 2.) But you look white! Don't touch me! (full quote)
rubytuesday_2 It's gettin' all racial up in this piece. (full quote)
10929 Solid! (full quote)
10929 Today is a great day for black people of all races. (full quote)
10929 Once you've been with Undercover Brother, there is no other. (full quote)
  This ain't no damn was made in the 70's. (full quote)
  uh oh someone open a window, its getting all racist up in this piece! (full quote)
  They never give any credit to the black man! Jesus Christ:black man. Babe Ruth:black man. Mandonna:sleeps with black men. Think about it. (full quote)
  Did you know George Washington Carver carved the first computer from a peanut? A PEANUT!! (full quote)
  (Comes out of bathroom) Whew, too funky for myself! (Jim Kelly fights on TV) JIM KELLY!!! (full quote)
  You forgot to mention my big, black, fuzzy balls! (Motions to windshield dice) (full quote)
  1.)once you have undercover brother there ain't no other 2.)no, its once you go black you don't go back (full quote)
  Holy Funkadelic (full quote)
10929 Then O.J. really didn't do it? (full quote)
  1) undercover brother you are too much man for me 2) sometimes im too much man for myself (full quote)
  baby sometime im too much man for my on damn self (full quote)
40032 My cookie would break you in half. That may be, but that would be some long division. Long. (full quote)
Lauren --Wait a minute, how'd the white boy get a job at "the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D."? -- Shit, what can I say? Affirmative action (full quote)
Lauren --Hi. -- Hi? what you mean hi? Like "high yellow wanna be white"? "High" like the *white man* wants to keep us? Wait, you don't smell any weed on me, do you? (full quote)
Lauren Honey, is that Michael Bolton's version of "The Thong Song"? (full quote)
Lauren Cheif--Didn't you cause about a ba-zillion dollars worth of damage? And I sure as hell ain't covering for ya; I don't care how sexy you look floating down in your little pants! (full quote)