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Tourist Trap, The - 1998 Movie Quotes

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22841 [George, Bess, the Kids and Dr. Early are camping.] Dr. Early: All you need to survive in the wild is a pair of good boots, and a pen knife... and a wristwatch. Bess: Why a wristwatch? Dr. Early: Because, otherwise, you can't tell what time it is without the sun. George: I can. Dr. Early: You can what? George: I can tell you what time it is right now, using just a stick and a... a pan. Dr. Early: It's impossible. I've read every survival manual there it is and, really-- I've never even heard of this. George: It'll cost you 10 bucks. Dr. Early. Make it 20. George: You're on. [They each put a $20 bill on a stump.] George. Okay... [Picks up stick.] stick... Dr. Early: Yeah. George: [Picks up pan.] ...pan. Now, watch. Are you watching. Bess: Uh-huh. George: Okay, and... [Bangs pan with stick loudly several times.] Man from tent: HEY, KEEP IT DOWN!!!! IT'S 11:30!!!! George: It's 11:30. [He picks up both $20 bills.] (full quote)