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Santa Clause 2 - 2002 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
17716 Don't mess with me, I'm pre- El Niño! (full quote)
  You're a sad, strangle little man! (full quote)
  1) Are you an elf? 2) No, of course not 1) Then why do you have pointy ears? 2) because when I was little I didn't eat all my green vegetables... do you eat your green vegetables? (full quote)
  Bring me more cocoa! (full quote)
4307 1. Uncle Scott, are you Santa Claus? 2. What makes you say that? 1. Because you have a reindeer. 2. Lots of people have reindeer. 1. Name five. (full quote)
  Do I still get toys? (full quote)
  Do I still get toys? (full quote)
  Do I still get toys? (full quote)
  THE DESANTIFICATION process HAS BEGUN! (full quote)
25630 The De-Santafication process has begun!! (full quote)
swcheppes santa's feeling a little buzzed (full quote)
  1)Have you ever seen a million dollars? 2)No 1)Just because you cant see it doesnt mean it doesnt exist (full quote)
  CUT THE CHIT CHAT CHET (full quote)
  Girl: Do you make the toys yourself? Boy: No stupid, the elves make them. Teacher: Billy, we don't say stupid. And we don't say elves. (full quote)
  Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing. (full quote)
  but do i still get toys?!!!!! (full quote)
hms218176 Seeing Isn't Believing Believing is Seeing (full quote)