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Max Keeble's Big Move - 2001 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  See ys basoon.... see ya basoon? (full quote)
  food FIGHT! (full quote)
13284 CEASE!!! (full quote)
13284 I'll get you, paperboy! (full quote)
13284 1. I WANT my coil. 2. I WANT my handheld! ~western music plays~ 1. What did you say, punk? 2. I said, I want my handheld. 1. You want your handheld? 2. Yeah, you heard me, I said I want my handheld! 1. You want me to hold your hand? 2. ~confused~ No! 1. ~mokckingly~ You need somebody to hold your hand, little baby! (full quote)
13284 1. 8,000 words? That's kid stuff, how about 12,000 words? Do I hear 12,000 words, ladies and gentlemen? -Kids- 12,000 words! 1. SOLD, for 12,000 words! (full quote)
13284 You're a smart little boy, but so am I! So, I fiddled with the budget. Fiddlesticks, it's my budget. So, we have fewer textbooks, big deal, textbooks are for nerds! Fewer band instruments, who cares? Band is for losers! So, the janitor has to work overtime for no pay. He should PAY me for the privilege! (full quote)
13284 Any kid can make a mess! Takes a man to clean it up. (full quote)
13284 1. You may be under the influence that I encourage horseplay and malarkey. I don't encourage it, I EXcourage it. 2. Excourage? 1. It means the opposite of encourage, look it up! (full quote)
13284 1. You should be careful before slanderizing your principal with wild and groundless claims! 2. They're not groundless, they're ground-full! 1. GROUND-FULL? 2. Look it up! (full quote)
13284 1. That's 3 dollars for number four and 5 dollars for number two. 2. I have a bladder problem. 1. Sorry to hear about it! (full quote)
13284 1. This junior high has a long history of colorful bullies. 2. You're lying. 1. Am I? In 1985, Tomato-Face Callahan. 3. He'd come right up to you and shove a tomato in your face! 1. In 1991, Wedgie Jackson. 3. He invented the World Wide Wedge! 1. And this year... 1. and 3. TROY McGINTY! (full quote)
  McGoogles is me name, I like a swampy bog.... (full quote)
13284 So this year, I am upgrading my policy of zero tolerance to one of SUB-zero tolerance, which is more than zero. (full quote)
completelyme MA-MA-MA-MA-MARGIN call! (full quote)