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Carrie - 2002 Movie Quotes

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Wayne There called breasts momma, all the girls have them these days - they're very fashionable (full quote)
Wayne I read about it on the internet (full quote)
  PLUG IT UP!! PLUG IT UP!!! (full quote)
  im not dome talking! things are ganna change around here! im going to the prom mama no matter what you say! (full quote)
  [After Carrie comes to the door, everything she has been levitating crashes, while Tommy stands at the door] Tommy: Did your ceiling just collapse or something? Carrie:[frightened voice]Yes, yes my ceiling just collapsed, just now. Tommy: Can I see it? Carrie: No. (full quote)
  Carrie: [to her mother] I want to start living my own life now. I don't like yours. (full quote)