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8 Crazy Nights - 2002 Movie Quotes

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  I guess I'll have to deal with your demands, but please don't touch me with your alien hands! (full quote)
  My hiney's germ-free and I love it. (full quote)
  We all heard what happened at the skating rink today. When Whitey brought up your sad past, you snapped and walked a-way. Well maybe they're onto something, that you should give a try. Go ahead and let it out and have yourself a cry. Soldiers:Let it out, Davey. Davey:Ahhhh shut your wooden mugs! Dress:Let it out, Davey. GNC:Would ya check out her bezugs? Davey:You want me to deal with pain, well cheers is what I say! GNC:This here stuff just numbs the pain, it don't make it go away. Grandma:You try to act so tough! Foot Locker:But you just live a lie! Dress:Why don't you show your feminine side and have yourself a cry! Coffee:Let it out, Davey. Davey:I'll pour you down the sink. Chair:Ya gotta do it, Davey. Davey:Ya'll can bite my dink! Davey:You labels and logos are wasting your time, making me sit here. Cause nothing you can say or do will make me shed a tear. Panda:He possesses a strong spirit, and won't let down his guard. Foot Locker:So now we'll bring him the big gun! His beautiful Chanukah card! (Card floats down and opens) Parents:Happy Chanukah to our wonderful son. You fill our lives with joy. Don't ever change the way you are, you beautiful, 12 year old, boy. (full quote)
  Look jelly-rolls, next time you come on my court, you better wear a bra, ok? *little boy runs off crying* (full quote)
  I wonder if that guy ever wiped his ass with the wrong haaaaaaand (full quote)
  My toshe is germ free and I love it. (full quote)
  Bum bity bity bity bum bum, bum bity bity bity bum, *chinese man joins in with no shirt and they dance jewishly together* BUM BITY BITY BITY BUM! (full quote)
  The reason i bring this up to u is because iiiiiiii was the worst offender of all.My life waas simply going nowhere then a tiny little man rushed to my side he should have gotten a big thank you instead he got a port-a potty ride i was such a shit head but he never quit on me till i told him he was useless and his sister was freaky once when we were watching sunday football a fuzzy screen was all that we could see whitey came over with a hanger and spent the game on top of our tv and when the lightning struck him he let out a wicked loud yell but we just turned up the volume and ignored the burning smell we should all rot in hell i went to high school with whitey as a joke i told him to meet me at the prom when he got there i said i can't believe u thought i was serious so he went home crying and slow danced with his momwhat a crushing blow to whitey i bet u wish u could take it back how could u all be so mean to whitey sound to me like u r all on crack huh tonight whitey was counting on this town to show that we care but the first time he really needed us we weren't there and on christmas eve and the last night of hanukah it just not fair bum bitty bitty bitty bum bum bum bitty bitty bitty bum- bum bitty bitty bitty bum bum bum bitty bitty bitty bum i wonder idf that guy ever wiped his ass with the wrong hand yes bum bitty bitty bitty bum bum bum bitty bitty bitty bum hey hey hey hey hey hey (full quote)
  Smell ya later poop sickle! (full quote)
  Thats what happens when you hit the bottle: You go to bed in Dukesburry, you wake up in pukesburry! (full quote)
  Holy Crap! what the hell was that?! Did anyone else just hear a pearakeet? (full quote)
  Holy Shit...Did The Mall Just Say Something?! (full quote)
  Eat that nutstrap beatch! (full quote)
  Eleanore: Now, I understand why they put the cornmeal around the hotdog, but why would they shove this stick in here? I'm getting exhausted trying to cut around it! Davey: You're suppose to hold the stick and just eat the corndog. Eleanore:... Oh, how futuristic! (full quote)
  Cop #1: You see anything? Cop #2: Just some deer doin' a pyramid. (full quote)
  Whitey: THIS IS THE HAPPIEST SEIZURE OF MY life!!!! (full quote)
  Eleanore: AAAH! It's a home invasion robbery. Do what ever you want mister, but please, don't chop my legs off! Whitey: It's okay Eleanore, it's okay! Eleanore: Whitey, thank God you're here, we're being invaded! Mister, if you're gonna rob us, take off you're shoes, they're soaking the carpet! (full quote)
  In this house we say bullSPIT!!! (full quote)
  Whitey: what do ya see, are ya with me? (Davey picks up his fries, drops it on the table, and it spells out BITE ME) Whitey: Jokes on you tough guy, I can't read (full quote)
  ...and that's a technically foul!! (full quote)
38482 that's a technical foul! (full quote)
38482 ha!ha! jokes on you tough guy, I can't read! (full quote)
  Excuse me while i go take showa! (full quote)
  Well, I'll just ref in my socks, then. *Kicks off his boots, puts out a light with one and knocks out a guy with the other* (full quote)
  whitey where were you, your an hour and 51 minutes late. i already called the morgue and they said you werent there but to try back later! (full quote)
  Whitey: Eleanore, this is my new partner, Davey Stone. Eleanore: The criminal?! Did he force you to take him here so he could molest you?! (full quote)
  (after Whitey lost the All-Star Patch) Eleanore: All you people can bite my germ-free booty! All: Huh? (full quote)
  My finger's in your mouth, kitty. But I don't feel no teeth. (full quote)
  You're a frikin' degenerate... (full quote)
  Smell ya later poopsicle (full quote)
42348 Did you plan that or do you just talk in rhyme naturally? (full quote)
  DAvey(sings)-I can't believe i haven't killed myself here with wigs mcgee and the furry elf(Eleanore starts singing)(Davey in background)She neurotic and he's a troll how did i get mixed up in this shit hole I guess i'll have to deal with your demands but please don't touch me with your alien hands (full quote)
44941 You know Stone, if my imaginary wife and I ever have a son, I hope you’d consider him a brother. (full quote)
47415 what did he do? steal beer for everyone? (full quote)
  It makes me want to do the Roboto *Mr. Roboto by Styx begins to play as Whitey does the robot* (full quote)