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Sniper 2 - 2002 Movie Quotes

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  keep your eye on the scope, and shut the fuck up! (full quote)
  not many people grow old in this business (full quote)
  -you won that long range tournament last beat a 3-man military team and 7 SWAT team sharpshooters -so what? you the awards committee? (full quote)
  - I used to do this stuff because i was following orders, now i must ask, what is in it for me? - -we acknowledge that the risk is great, so we have been authorized to give you anything you want - If your willing to grant me anything, i must assume your not willing to pay (full quote)
  it's easy to let them break you on the row...some of them look forward to the day they die (full quote)
  im not going to play fuck-fuck games with you....... (full quote)
  'Who the hell is he?!' 'calm down Beckett' ' No! were on a mission! were not here to make new friends' (full quote)
  'i was in Panama, captured and tortured, and a young operative like you saved my life, i figured that i owed him one' (full quote)
  'im surprised, you never asked me why i killed that mutherfucker' ' i just don't give enough of a shit about you to wanna know' (full quote)
  the first thing im gonna do when i get back, take a shower, get laid, not presicely in that order gentlemen.... (full quote)
  'freedom...' cole's last words (full quote)
  'being a marine is the only thing i've done well in my life' ' is that something to be proud of.......being the best at killing another human being?' 'i kill people so others can live, like you, for instance' (full quote)
  'there are other ways to resolve problems, other than brute force, diplomatic ways' 'ah yes, the diplomats, without them you wouldn't need soldiers, we are the ones who unscrew the problems diplomats make' (full quote)