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Just Married - 2003 Movie Quotes

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  We only see the good times in pictures, but it's the bad times that get us from one photograph to the next. (full quote)
26879 You just hit me in the head with a 10lb ashtray (full quote)
26879 1)We are gonna make out in a snow ball 2) We are gonna die in a snowball (full quote)
  I've owned tonka trucks bigger then this car (full quote)
  Well did it teach you how to remove a fire poker out of your ass? (full quote)
  You are like the worst best man ever!!! (full quote)
  No i havent got fruit, but my husbands got 10 pounds of hash hidden up his recktum... (full quote)
  We call swat team on your ass! (full quote)
princesstigereyes Cockroach! Cockroach! (full quote)
  first it was all CAW then it was like eeeeeeeuuuuuuuuugggggghhhhh and bagsy just you know went after it (full quote)
  Im on my honeymoon and you are still trying to have sex with my wife! (full quote)
  1.)the thunderstick 8200? 2.)i gotta charge this baby up 1.) that plug wont fit in a european outlet 3.) ill make it fit! (full quote)
  You never see the hard days in a photo album, but those are the ones that get you from one happy snapshot to the next. (full quote)
  Tom: ( in a kid's voice) Hello Peter! So glad you could join us. Now it's time for me and Peter to tangle (hits lamp with fire poker) Welcome to the Honeymoon from Hell, Shitheel Sarah! you're acting like a crazy person! Tom: well, maybe it is b/c it just got hit in the head by a 10lb ashtray! Peter: I learned karate from a chinese grand master Tom: well, i hoped he taught you how to pull a fire poker out your ass!! (full quote)
  Willie: We'll stick the hounds on you Leezack Tom: Bring 'em on WILLIE!!!!!! (full quote)
  You never see the bad days in a photo album, but those are the ones that get you from one happy photograph to the next. (full quote)
  wendy: oh my god.........i love this song! (full quote)
  you stupid french........FROG!! (full quote)
  you never see the hard days in a photo album but those are the ones that get you from one happy snapshot to the next (full quote)
  You don't want me to be with sarah and I can't change that. I don't know where were gonna be in 10, 20, 40 years. I don't know who were gonna be, I don't know if im ever going to be able to give her all of this. There are a million things I don't know but theres one thing that I do and thats that I love sarah and I am going to love her day in and day out for the rest of my life now will u PLEASE, please open the gate so I can tell that to my wife. (full quote)
  well we are keeping the champanene* and the cheese jock-strap... (full quote)
  my grandparents installed the wiring in the hotel before world war first... (full quote)
  SARAH: Gradse*, Gradse*, Gradse*, Gradse* Gradse* GODDAMNIT... (full quote)
  If I pressed my foot any harder, we'd be Flinstoning our asses! (full quote)
  Those birds are psychotic! (full quote)
30099 (Door opens) 1: Shut the door bitch...2: (cracks the door open) you know there is a lock 1: Im clostrophobic (full quote)
  Cheese and Rice! (full quote)
  Tom: i just hope that i can be.. just all that i can be... in this family... (full quote)
  Tom-Are you sure you dont wanna marry a guy like peter? sarah-If i wanted to know exactly what my life would be like from here on out, yeah, i would marry a guy like peter..but i love not knowing. (full quote)
  Peter-wheres Tom? sarah-we dont feel the need to be with eachother all the time (full quote)
  Look, it comes with free nuns. (full quote)
  Sarah-This is better than my fantasy Tom-Good, cause were paying out the ass for it. Sarah-Honey, just for the record, when you talk about money, especially in reference to coming out of your hiknee, it kinda kills the romance of the moment (full quote)
29939 1) I'll be there tomorrow to pick up my stuff! 2) Yeah...? Well you better call first because I may be having sex with a COMPLETE STRANGER!!! (full quote)
29939 Cheese and Rice!!!!! (full quote)
29939 (PETER) I'm not afraid of you. I studied martial arts with some of the best Chinese masters. (TOM) Well, I sure hope they taught you how to pull a fire poker out of your ass! (full quote)
29939 1) Get that junk wagon out of here! 2) RIGHT AWAY, PRINCESS!!!!! (full quote)
29939 1) You wanna tell me what happened with Peter? 2) You wanna tell me what happened with 'red bra'? I hope you used protection! 1) It didn't get that far...I hope YOU used protection. 2) Sorry..they don't make condoms that big! (full quote)
24986 1) Ooooh Tom! Welcome to the family! 2) Thank you, Ms. McKerney 1) Oh, it's can call me Pussy now (full quote)
24986 I had the perfect relationship until it was ruined by marriage. (full quote)
  Time to grow up Tommy.Somedays your mother & I made love to each other, others days we had to work at it. You never see the hard day in a photo album, but those are the one's that get you from one happy snap shot to the next. (full quote)
  Tom- Well, maybe he just got here by magic. Oh, wait no... Peter must be a warlock. (full quote)
  Wendy: Insult me, radio man! (full quote)
  you sat at our wedding, you heard us take our vows! and you still have the nerve to show up on our honeymoon and try to have sex with my wife! YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY WIFE! (full quote)
  cheese and rice is that a thunderstck 8200? since when did u become such the expert? i told you about that night i had in college! you didnt tell me about the hardwear! getting a visual? we gotta charge this thing! baby that plug wont fit in a European outlet! I'll make it fit! (full quote)
  we'll sick the hounds on you Leezak!!!!!! BRING 'EM ONNNNNNNNNNNN WILLIEEEEEEEEEEE! (full quote)
  whats going on? TOM RAM GATE (full quote)
  Tom:he called me a cracker! a cracker honey! Sarah:he did not!Tom: what that surprises you? i mean you dad hates me 'well wonderful wonderful!' i mean hes got your whole family praying that this marrige fails.Sarah:Thats not true moms never said a bad word about you!Tom: WOW pussys never insulted me, now i feel loved! Tom: maybe we should just have sex. Sarah: call me crazy but im just not in the mood to make love. Tom: you know im not either but we havent had sex once since we've been on our honeymoon and there is somthing very very wrong with that why are you laughing? i am concerned. Sarah: we'll get some rest and sitesee tomorrow be fresh in the morning. Tom: and then we'll have sex. (full quote)
  1) I've been taught by a chinese grand master. 2) Well I hope he taught you how to pull a fire poker out of your a** (full quote)
  that was the longest frickin piss in italian history (full quote)
  THAT WAS THE LONGEST PISS IN ITALIAN history! (full quote)
  We can use a dodge about now, um, while i'm makin a doodie can you hadn me my sports section and a beer with that. thank you ma'm (full quote)
  TURN OFF your BRIGHTS JACKASS! (full quote)
  Please spare in mind that our daughter loves him Dan. (full quote)
  ASSBAG! (full quote)
  MY SKULL IS ON FIRE! (full quote)
  sarah- tomorrow we will go sight seeing se u bright in the moring tom- and then we will have sex (full quote)
  thats yours... (yea it matches perfect with my red leather panties!) ok .. i met a woman at a bar nothing happened.. (you picked up a total stranger at a bar and brought her back to our honeymoon sweet and took off her discusting red bra?) nothing happened(no no no no they just jumped off her barenaked breasts) sarah... (you sit there and make me feel guilty for a kiss a kiss that i didnt even want in the first place!) dont tell me you didnt want it... you wanted it i could see from the balcony that you wanted it!!! (full quote)
  Ok, my quote is that I know this movie front to back, and the majority of these people who put quotes on the website, got them wrong. Don't put them up if you don't even know the right words. It ruins the movie, thanks. (full quote)
  Also, added to my quote from above, do not put things in a different language if you don't even know how to spell it. For instance, the dumbass that put gradse as thank you in italian, no no no. That's not even close to the correct spelling. As well as the person who spelt claustrophobic as closterphobic, I have to wonder if something's wrong with you. So why don't you all learn how to spell right, then double check the quotes, and if you got all that, then maybe you can put your quote in. I'm glad we had this talk. (full quote)
  Thank you SOOO much person from the above two quotes...this is one of favorite movies and all of these people have been ruining the movie for me too. All of you people have, to me anyway, lost all of my respect because for the most part, you're all dumbasses. (full quote)
  The first sex I had on my honeymoon was with a man named Santino...and you're laughing!!?? (full quote)
  TOM- we're in this together. SARAH- do you have four men staring at your boobies right now? (full quote)
  i mean whats the point of even getting married does it really make sense to be with one person for your ENTIRE life? (full quote)
  We could really use a dodge right about now (full quote)
  I'm back guys, once again you fucked up the quote. You guys really need to stop. That's why this website sucks because of fuckers like you guys. STOP RUINING THE MOVIE SHITHEADS! (full quote)
  sarah:uh, we could really use a dodge right about now! tom: are you mocking me? sarah: no, you just sounded REALLY american. UH we could really use the DODGE right about now. haha (full quote)
  Wow! Pussy's never insulted me! Now I feel loved! (full quote)
  Tell pussy i said hi...~ (full quote)
  the first sex i had on my honey moon was with a man named santino (full quote)
  Tom: Im sorry Sara: Me too tOm: I miss you Sara: I miss you 2 Tom: I miss reckin airplane bathrooms with you Sara: I miss sleeping in Giant snowballs with you Tom: and torturing hotel workers Sara: i miss spending time in prison with you (full quote)
  Wrong again, fuckers. By the way, that's not a quote from the movie seeing as how you dumbasses don't know the lines anyway, I had to make that clear. (full quote)
  Cockroach! Cockroach! Cockroach! (full quote)
  sarah: it's like living a lie. i cannot live a lie! it's like there will always big this big elephant in the room with us (full quote)
  bonjour! merci! ,bonjour merci!, bonjour! merci!bonjour! merci!bonjour! merci!bonjour! merci! (full quote)
  1. Shut the door bitch! 2. You know, there is a lock on the door 1. I'm claustrophobic! (full quote)
  Kid on toilet seat: SHUT THE DOOR BITCH! tom lesack: there is a lock on the door for a reason, jr. kid on toilet seat: IM CLAUSTRAPHOBIC! (full quote)
  Ah my skull is on fire (full quote)
  This is like the Twilight dee do dee do dee do dee (full quote)
  1. So...when are we gonna go back and do the neenooneenooneenoo? 2. Uh yeah, I can't do that. 1. what? Don't tell me all the air-humping and cute conversation was for nothing? (full quote)
  1.OH MY GOD...Tommorrow my parents are gonna know I'm not a virgin. 2.Honey, you haven't been a virgin since college. 1. I know, but tomorrow they're gonna know for sure. 2. And they're gonna know that you deflowered me! OH GOD!! (full quote)
  1. It's our wedding night and we don't want to have sex? 2. Honey, we have the rest of our married lives to have it's okay if we don't do it tonight 1. Now I kinda want to! (full quote)
  The first sex I had on my honeymoon was with a man named Santino!! And you're laughing! (full quote)
  who do you think you are, Micheal J. Fox? (full quote)
6382 1:I'm not going you pay you to tell me where my wife is. 2:In this case you should. 1:(pulls out wallet) (full quote)
10929 And the hits just keep on coming. (full quote)
24986 1) open the gate, Yuan. 2) But you and Tom not together no' more 1)JUST open THE GATE, YUAN!!!!! (full quote)
24986 Ok, if you change your mind, just pass out! (full quote)
24986 1) Sara and I...are going to be happy and married forever 2) Yeah, until the day she finds out you slaughtered her dog. (full quote)
24986 You are like the worst best-man EVER! (full quote)
KateTx32 Son of a biatch! (full quote)
32462 HOOKER! MURDERER! (full quote)
32757 Yu Han: We call swat team on your ASS! (full quote)
32757 Oh, well that must make you a stupid French....................FROG! (full quote)
32757 Do you have four men staring at your boobies right now? No. (full quote)