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Battle Royale - 2000 Movie Quotes

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39394 Kuninobu. Man, my ass hurt! Before I quit, I told you not to bother coming, that you were no good. And you really started boycotting school. Thats no good! You're no good, but you thought you'd come along on the class trip anyway, huh? (full quote)
39394 So if you linger in a danger zone, or cause trouble we can identify you and transmit radio waves that trigger an alarm and BOOM! It explodes! If you try to rip it off, it explodes too, so promise not to do that, ok? (full quote)
39394 (regarding transfers) You probably guessed, but they're a little dangerous! (full quote)
39394 There's a way out of this game. Kill yourselves together, here, now. If you can't do that, then don't trust anyone... just run! (full quote)
39394 Pot-lid and binoculars... Whadya want? (full quote)
39394 *throws bag* Shut up! cant hear the video! (full quote)
39394 1) did you bandage me Utsumi? 2)*giggles*..ive never touched a guy before (full quote)
39394 chigusa: piss-me-off..did i just hear this idiot correct? (full quote)
39394 kotohiki: now what am i supposed to do?! Mitskou : die (full quote)
39394 Todays lesson is, you kill each other off, till only one remains (full quote)
39394 Kitano: Sorry. Its against the rules for me to kill isn't it? (full quote)
39394 Oneesan: Oh, I forgot one important thing! Theres a time limit on this game! 3 days. If we haven't got a winner after 3 days, all the necklaces automatically explode! And no one wins. As long as we're here, lets fight hard to make sure that doesn't happen! (full quote)
39394 Chigusa: So am I! Drop that right now and let me go or I'll assume you're deadly and kick you ass. You're warned! (full quote)
  only three kills this morning.I'm disappointed in you!Quit slacking! (full quote)
  It's tough when friends die on you but hang in there! (full quote)