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Slackers - 2002 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  I'm really concerned about this purity test...I'm a skank by 2 points. (full quote)
  My girlfriend's a doctor up in boston...I think I love her (full quote)
  I hope we'll stay friends gnome matter what...Ethan that's a droll doll....gnome it's not. (full quote)
  You're smart, i like you. I'll probably give you a nickname (full quote)
  You're so awesome, your room is so awesome, your phone is kick ass, and you know what? I love you. (full quote)
  Thats right, and we're adults so we don't fight over seats. (full quote)
  They call me cool ethan, i live in heineraker hall. (full quote)
  This is college, bag your own bitches. (full quote)
  i luh you (full quote)
  dave....FUDGE (full quote)
  They call me Cool Ethan, I live in Heinaraker Hall. (full quote)
  I had a nickname for you! You wanna know what it was? Im not going to tell you. ALRIGHT! It was laser! (full quote)
  Somethings wrong...::farts: and we're back! (full quote)
  I love you but i hate you, which brings to mind how much i love you. we could have worked this out cha'no, in a little room- in a little locked room. Im sorry you had to settle for Dane, the one dimentional man, hes filed under cock-sucker in my little black book. Sweetness can rot your teeth- bitter sweer could coughoney. but you hold the key, you hold the key- to my little locked room. you hold the key, you hold the key to my little locked room. woah a woaho. please let- me - out-soon I lah you (full quote)
  Oh, one, two, three hard nipples ::rubs nipples:: nope. (full quote)
  the dirty old whore told me to do it (full quote)
  your ass is grass and im the lawnmower (full quote)
  ...and sam, sam learnt a lesson of his own. he learnt how to print fake diplomas (full quote)
Marla&Tyler 1). . . And I love to suck cock. . . 2) Oh. . You're a cocksucker. (full quote)
Marla&Tyler I am in this class. I'm Sam Shenkner, I got hit by a fuckin' bus man. (full quote)
Marla&Tyler Oh you fucked up. . . But you didn't fuck up so much as you Fuuucked up. (full quote)
Marla&Tyler Dudes! I'm breakin' off. I found my homies! (full quote)
  Ethan:Oh my gosh, I am soo sorry I led you on. Angela: Ohh yea you did! Ethan: I am sorry but I have a girlfriend. Angela: Well good, cause I like someone else, your friend Dave Ethan: Dave...FUDGE! Angela: I know...I can't stop talking about him Ethan: I know you can't stop talking about him (full quote)
  Do I fuckin' know you? (full quote)
  Are you busy? Yeah, I was masturbating. (full quote)
  I thought that was your sexy ass (full quote)
9860 1: I hope we can be friends 'gnome' matter what... 2: That's a troll. 1: Gnome it's not. (full quote)
  i will break, i will enter, i will torch, i will shatter, i will rifle, i will pillage, i will probe, but i'm really not comfortable just talking to a girl. (full quote)
  Yes it was your fate to meet her but it was not your fate to be with her. Just as it is my fate to one day become shogun. (full quote)
QuickStopRST (singing) I-I-I-I'm the kind of guy who will/ Not insist that you go on the pill. (full quote)
QuickStopRST Angela: Ethan, is this a hairdoll? Did you make this? Ethan: It fell out of your hair that way... and I want it back! (full quote)
QuickStopRST 1)Hey, do you guys know where professor Marcoe's office is? 2)Professor Markoe-'s office? I think it's right the f over there! (full quote)
QuickStopRST Oh, c'mon- now, that's my mom! (full quote)
K2vixen Yeah maybe you wouldn't need someone to fill out every test form if you stopped smoking these doobies smack jointheads. (full quote)
K2vixen And then it just so happens they walked in when I was sucking on her nipple. (full quote)
  does that feel good, buddy? does it? im not eating that shit, you retard!... NO ONE callS ME A RETARD, you FREAKING HOBO!!! (full quote)
QuickStopRST 1) I have to go to the bathroom. 2) Okay- that's not allowed during the test. 1) I really have to go. 2) I'll tell you what, why don't you use that energy as motivation to finish the test. 1) [leans over, whispers] Explosive diarrhea- 2) OK, go! But leave this stuff here. (full quote)
QuickStopRST Wow! [yells out the door] Masturbating... in the dorms. Well, that's what you get when you go to art school. (full quote)
  Angela: You're holding my hand. Dave: You never know when you're going to hit a patch of ice. (full quote)
  well, i'm in the food service & i love bums, so... (full quote)
  we'll make him clean teh fuckin bathrooms (full quote)
  we'll make him clean the fuckin bathrooms (full quote) that one i dont get.... we'll always be best friends, until u steal my pot of gold....heh heh heh...DON'T do that (full quote)
  im not gonna eat that shit you fuckin retard ethan- nobody calls me a retard! you freakin hobo! (full quote)
  I was thinking about what you said, and I think we SHOULD see eachother more often. (full quote)
  It's funny how you think you have life figured out, but then it just keeps on surprising you. (full quote)
  Dave, my entire college career is a house of cards being held togethor by thousands of tiny little lies... im not going to put that in jeopardy for some schoolboy with a crush. (full quote)
  Well, if you're done trying to play hide the baloney pony, we got some stuff to eat... (full quote)
  You treat a hot girl like dirt...and she'll stick to you like mud. (full quote)
  Well he fucked me, he fucked you, and now i got a tape of him F'in her! (full quote)
  It fell out of your hair that way! (full quote)
  If you treat a girl like dirt she'll stick to you like mud (full quote)
15002 wait..somethings not right.......(FART)......aaand we're back! (full quote)
36487 The dirty old whore told me to do it! (full quote)
36487 I am not a whore!-Dave (full quote)
36487 They call me Cool Ethan I live in Heineraker Hall. (full quote)
39645 You know, I had a nickname for you but now i'm not gonna tell you.......... okay i'll tell you.... it was laser! (full quote)
40528 So just on the boobies then? (full quote)
bengoalie You're smart. I like you. I'll probably give you a nickname (full quote)
bengoalie No one calls me a retard, ya FREAKIN' HOBO! (full quote)
Fryy434 But it wasn't your fate to be with her. Unfortunately, my friend, fate has a different plan for you. You will grow up, go out into the world. You'll forget all about the things that happened here. Ethan, Angela... the shit we pulled. Those hookers that we thought were girls. And you're going to go out there and no-one - no-one can shoot you down because a woman one time stepped on your heart and left a scar in its wake. That is your fate, Dave. Just as it is my fate to some day become shogun. (full quote)