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McVicar - 1980 Movie Quotes

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10110 Alright, I know I'm gonna lose here. But I'll be the best second you've ever seen. (full quote)
10110 Sheila: When they catch you you'll never get out. John: Never get out! Never get out! (full quote)
10110 Guard: Name and number. John: You know my name. You people gave me the fuckin' number. (full quote)
10110 You're in our security wing now, McVicar. We like trouble here. (full quote)
10110 Stokes: Hey billy, you heard the news? They've discovered another daisy chain in the Durham Light Infantry.. Pendle: The Durham Light Infantry was the fastest marching regiment in the British Army.. Stokes: Found an 'ole barrack load of 'em stuck up each other.. Pendle: 180 paces to the minute, heel to toe mind.. Stokes: Sunk, to the nuts they were. They're going to rename them y'know. The Durham Bumpers. Ah, do love an arsehole these Geordies.. Pendle: There's nah poofs in the DLI Stokes! (full quote)
10110 Don't get all excited, otherwise you'll macaroni your pants again. (full quote)
10110 Ronnie: Jeffries isn't really a sex case. He didn't tamper with the kids, just killed 'em. John: what and that's alright with you is it? (full quote)
10110 Geordie maggot! (full quote)
10110 Well it's, as I told Douglas, they was all rushing past my cell just as I came out, and I got sort of swept into the office in the rush. It was like, sucking a bit of fluff. (full quote)
10110 Pendle: Stokes, I suppose you think you got the better of us there. But just remember, you're in here for ten years. Stokes: Yeah. Yeah that's right Mr Pendle. But you're in for life, intcha? (full quote)
10110 Governor: Oh Probyn, we ought to be seeing about your parole application. Wally: No I don't think so Mr Graham. Governor: Why not? Wally: I'm planning to make me own way out soon. (full quote)
10110 Guard#1: I see Probyn and McVicar are together in the showers again. what d'you think they're up to? Guard#2: Each other probably. (full quote)
10110 Policeman: Move and I'll blow your head off. John: In that case I ain't fuckin' movin' am I? (full quote)
scooterperv alright, i know i'm not gonna win here... but i'll be the best second place you've ever seen. (full quote)
tina1980 allways looking for bloody trouble (full quote)