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Foreign Affair, A - 1948 Movie Quotes

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8563 Considering the amount of taxpayer's money that was poured on it, I don't expect it to look like a lace Valentine. (full quote)
8563 Schlager, Schlagenberg, Schlagenspite, Schitz. Seems some of them never got to Milwaukee. (full quote)
8563 If you give a hungry man a loaf of bread, that's democracy. If you leave the wrapper on, it's imperialsim. (full quote)
8563 Well, men, once more it is our honor and privlege to welcome a visiting committee. Lately, they seem to be coming as regularly as the electric bill. (full quote)
10929 Don't tell me it's subversive to kiss a Republican! (full quote)
10929 Really, Colonel Plummer, you should have your brakes relined. (full quote)