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People Will Talk - 1951 Movie Quotes

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8563 If I come in, does the door get closed? (full quote)
8563 Anatomy is more or less the study of the human body. The human body is not necessarily the human being. Here lies a cadaver. The fact that she was, not long ago, a living, warm, lovely young girl is of little consequence in this classroom. You will not be required to dissect and examine the love that was in her, or the hate. All the hope, despair, memories and desires that motivated every moment of her existence. They ceased to exist when she ceased to exist. Instead, for weeks and months to come, you will dissect, examine and identify her organs, bones, muscles, tissues and so on, one by one. And these you will faithfully record in your notebooks, and when the notebooks are filled, you will know all about this cadaver that the medical profession requires you to know. (full quote)
8563 Well, some healers use one thing and some use another. But Doc Praetorius used 'em all. Once he'd give a powder. Sometimes syrup. Sometimes pills. Sometimes a jab with a needle. And sometimes just talk. Just sit there and talk about a body's misery and talk a body into being well. Like workin' a miracle. (full quote)
8563 Well, if my Grandma isn't a miracle, what is? (full quote)