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Dreamcatcher - 2003 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
20201 1)Jonesy! Jonesy! He hung up. 2)Gimme back my gun. (full quote)
  yourE NOT JONESY! (full quote)
28373 I, Duddits! (full quote)
29084 -I'm gonna strangle her. -She's probably dead already. -I don't care man, I'm gonna strangle her anyway. (full quote)
20201 1)He's dead, Beav. 2)Bullshit he is, he just dropped a clinker, man, I heard it! (full quote)
29718 You're not Jonesy (full quote)
28373 They drive Chevys, they shop at Wal-Mart, and they never miss an episode of Friends. These are Americans. (full quote)
  SSDD - Same Shit Different Day (full quote)
  Dude, I said un urm ill url (full quote)
  Well, Fuck Me Freddie ! (full quote)
crowecat You're looking in my head! Don't look in there! (full quote)
crowecat It's just luck is all. (full quote)
crowecat Another fuckarow. (full quote)
crowecat Watch out for Ister Gay. (full quote)
crowecat 1)Try Viagra. 2) Viagra? I'm practically a full salute all day! (full quote)
crowecat Bitch in a buzzsaw! (full quote)
crowecat what have you been eating, woodchuck turds? (full quote)
crowecat I always say they never visited a world they wouldn't rather own. (full quote)
crowecat That's a good idea. Get a little shut-eye.Save your energy for those horrendous farts! (full quote)
crowecat Punch it dude, don't be a pussy. (full quote)
crowecat Here's to Duddits, our Dreamcatcher. (full quote)
crowecat You're not Jonesy. (full quote)
crowecat You, Henry, can have that priceless piece of cinematic trivia absoultely free. (full quote)
crowecat Jonesy, if that really isyour name. (full quote)
crowecat It's our 20th year coming out here to the Hole in the Wall. And fuck me freddy, here's to 20 more. (full quote)
crowecat Come on, you dickweeds! (full quote)
crowecat Because you can't do that, it's wrong and I'm gonna tell the World! (full quote)
crowecat Hey, Miss Road Kill, you almost got us killed! (full quote)
crowecat Kiss my bender! (full quote)
crowecat Is this SSDD or not? (full quote)
crowecat This is turning into a real fuckarow. A REAL jobbanabba. (full quote)
crowecat Scooby-do-be-do we've got some work to do now! (full quote)
  Hello Mr. Gay. Scooby Dooby Doo. We got some work to do now. Mr. Gray go away now. (full quote)
Arsey 1.SSDD! 2.Not good enough. (full quote)
21211 In the movies, when people wake up together in the morning, they immediately start kissing, nuzzling and going at it, but what they never do is get up first, take a leak and brush their goddamn teeth, which I don't think I'm alone in feeling is pretty much necessary when you wake up (full quote)
  Just so gawddamn perfect I can't believe he's a human. I should be singing his praises not questioning what qualixy he's - I gotta pee. (full quote)
ShadowDragyn Mother fucker tried to bite my dick off, Jonesy. (full quote)