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May - 2002 Movie Quotes

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  Kitty live now (full quote)
  May's Mom-I always said 'If you can't find a friend, make one' (full quote)
  Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! You got any icecubes I can rub on my nipples? (full quote)
  May:So many pretty parts no pretty wholes. (full quote)
  I need more parts. (full quote)
  Adam: whatcha readin' about? May: Amputation. Adam: Is that for work? May: Nope. It's just for fun. (full quote)
  i love gross. disgust me please. ok a couple weeks ago this old man comes in and says his dog is dying and he begs us to save it a 90lbs black lab named semour. we take him in an run sometest and find out he has a twisted bowel and needs to be operated on immediatly...we shave semours tummy we cut him open and take out a piecs of intsetine about the about the size of a hotdog everything went smooth but when we went to sew semour back up we realized we are out of the heavy sutras that ur posed to use on large dogs so the dr. decides if we tripled up on cat sutras that should do the trick. A couple days go by and the old man calls up hysterica.. the cat sutra had brust while he was at work and by the time he got home semour was spralded out on the back pourch with his guts hanging out concret and the fernce was soaked in blood all the way around the yard. (full quote)
39394 I told you to face the goddamn wall! (full quote)
39394 1]You have really beautiful legs. 2]I thought they were gams? 1]Gams, stems, wheels... whatever. (full quote)
39394 It was sweet... I don't think she could've got his finger off in one bite, though. That part seemed a little farfetched (full quote)
pasolinifan75 if you cant find a friend, make one (full quote)