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Phone Booth - 2003 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
10929 If you have to ask, you're not ready to know yet. (full quote)
10929 Don't even think about leaving the booth. (full quote)
10929 I am aiming at you right now. Can you feel it, Stu? (full quote)
10929 Wrong number, pal. (full quote)
  isn't it funny, you hear a phone ring, and it could be anybody, but a ringing phone has to be answered, doesn't it. (full quote)
10929 If you hang up, I will kill you. (full quote)
10929 whatever you do, don't look up. (full quote)
10929 --Who are you on the phone with? --My psychiatrist. (full quote)
10929 Come on, Stu. Don't you get the game yet? (full quote)
10929 He's beginning to get on my nerves. (full quote)
  Kelly, Pam, BAM BAM!! (full quote)
  Cop: Look, I just want to be your friend. Guy on phone: Tell him you already have a friend. Stu: I already got a friend (full quote)
  Oh no you didn't! You gone done and made me hurt my dick hand! (full quote)
10929 I never did anything for someone who couldn't do something for me. (full quote)
10929 You get to choose between them. Kelly. Pam. (full quote)
10929 Wait till it goes national. ABC, CBS, CNN, UPC, you're gonna have the whole alphabet. (full quote)
  I'm sorry, please return to sender. Fuck Off! (full quote)
  God Dammit, you done made me hurt my dick hand! (full quote)
  sure i had a thing for her, she probably would have slept with me but i love my wife too much. its like having a really nice house but knowing you have the money to go on an great vacation but never going. its just nice to know you could get it you know? so Pam is a house and Kelly is a hotel room... wouldnt she love to know that.. (full quote)
crowecat Isn't it funny? You hear a phone ring and it could be anybody. But a ringing phone has to be answered, doesn't it? (full quote)
16227 Did your wife leave you because you couldnt satisfy her sexual? (full quote)
16227 You're lawyer is coming down. (full quote)
16227 Do you wack off on lonely nights? (full quote)
16227 I wanted to sleep with her. -NO, say u wanted to fuck her. I wanted to fuck her! (full quote)
16227 If I were you i would run because he is going to beat yo ass. (full quote)
16227 Read me my rights. (full quote)
  It's my right not to have any first name. (full quote)
  No gun, no first name. You're a highly underprivileged individual, sir. (full quote)
  no, i'm gonna confess i shot him with my fucking phone! (full quote)
  cop-step out of the phone booth with your hands up. That is an order. Stu-I'm busy right now. Come back later. (full quote)
  Stu-I can't this is an important call (full quote)
  Well Hello PAM (full quote)
  whoever heard of delivering a pizza to fucking phone booth? (full quote)
  black on rasberry sorbet, very italian (full quote)
30813 The caller: You're in this position because you are not telling the truth. Stu Shepard: I'm in this position because YOU HAVE A GUN!! (full quote)
  caller:Yes! Finally, some honesty! (full quote)
  You'd think she didn't know she was being watched, but beautiful women always know. That false indifference, superior hair. It's just a tease. They want eyes on them. Why does she put on her makeup, do her hair, dress so nicely?She wants to be noticed. (full quote)
  The things we fears the most, are things that have already happened to us (full quote)
  Pam, I love you so fucking much! (full quote)
10929 Get this man a seat on Oprah! (full quote)
  STEW!! your LAWERS COMING DOWN NOW!!..... NOW!!! (full quote)
  what else is there to do when life turns on you and youve retreated into a small room... (full quote)
  WHY YOU ASK WHY (full quote)