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Daddy Day Care - 2003 Movie Quotes

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30223 #1:I'm your daddy. I'm not your daddy, i'm your baby's daddy, I'm not your baby's daddy, I'm... #2:Marvin #1:Marvin (full quote)
22841 [ Max Is Being Potty Trained ] [ Charlie ] HOW DID YOU DO ? [ Max ] I MISSED. [ Charlie ] what DOES THAT MEAN ? [ Max ] I MISSED ! [ Charlie Looks In Bathroom And Sees Scat All Over The Bathroom, Spooky Music Plays ] (full quote)
  it's just sugar (full quote)
  Hey hey big guy how'd it go in there? I missed!, what does that mean i missed!, o hell no (full quote)
  That's not PAINT! It's glue! (full quote)
  (Flash) More chasing bad guys! (Marvin) Excellent idea. (Flash) We can chase Joker! (Marvin) Well wait a second, buddy. That's Batman's bad guy. You're Flash. So you want to be chasing- (Flash) Lex Luthor? (Marvin) No, that's Superman. You want to be chasing Gorilla Garod, Captain Boomerang, Reversed Flash-- (Flash) The Riddler? (Marvin) What have you been doing with these kids? (full quote)
  Whoa goats really love pie (full quote)
  1.) I live in california where do you live? 2.) I'm in Hong Kong. !.) where's Hong Kong? (full quote)
  Crispin! dont make that face What? Calm the face... dont make lines (full quote)
  I'm your superman 2. yeah you are 1. So come over here and treat your superman right (full quote)
41321 LAMINATED!!! (full quote)
10929 We need Ritalin and leashes. (full quote)
13284 1. Kids just don't want to eat vegetables for breakfast! 2. That's what I said five months ago when you put me on this account. (full quote)
13284 1. (laughs) You're wiping boogers for a living! Loser! -makes two L shapes with his fingers- 2. You're paying us to do it. -imitates him- Loser! Heh, heh. (full quote)
13284 1. So you two are starting a day care center? 2. Yeah. 1. And you're using a lemonade stand to sign up kids on the front lawn? (full quote)
13284 THIS STUFF IS NOT FOR sale!!! (full quote)
13284 1. You'll be making those kids miserable in four different languages. 2. Five, we start porteguese in the fall. (full quote)
  NOOK-NAH! (full quote)
  That's not paint it's glue (full quote)
  you're killin' me, you're really killin' me (full quote)
  Little Girl: what's wrong honey? Facepaint man: That's not paint it's glue (full quote)
  VEGGIE O's (full quote)
  Can you get some of this potato salad it's so good have you ever tried it? (full quote)
  Bleh This Cereal Sucks. (full quote)
  That's not paint it's glue (full quote)
  That's not paint it's glue (full quote)
  Can you get some more of this Delicious Potato Salad it's so good have you ever tried it? (full quote)
  Do not concentrate on what you did wrong concectrate on what you can do better. (full quote)