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Baby Boy - 2001 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  you know i love your mom (full quote)
  I dont wanna reach the gates and Jesus be like turn yo ass around nigga (full quote)
  I a size 6 now thats average. For who a white girl. Jody baby I'm a size 16 now thats average too (full quote)
48028 Guns and butta baby, but y'all wouldn't know nothing 'bout that, little dum mutha f*ckas (full quote)
  I tell those other girls the truth because I dont care about them, I lie to you because I care about your FEELINGS. (full quote)
  Lord, please show us the way, and if not, then please forgive us for being lost. (full quote)
15499 Surprise me Jody and leave the nest. (full quote)
15499 I'm not going to use the b-word. I just call y'all unstable creatures. (full quote)
15499 What? Yo' ass in jail! You can't say nothin' about me and mine, homeboy. Look, don't call my *fuckin'* house no more! My girl ain't feeling you. It's not happening, cuz! Concentrate on not dropping the soap, you bitch-ass nigga! (full quote)
15499 I want a block on my motherfucking phone tomorrow, Yvette! (full quote)