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Escape from Sobibor - 1987 Movie Quotes

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  Leon Feldhendler: Did you know that tomorrow is the beginning of Sukkot? Lt. Sasha Pechersky: Yes. 'Tis a Holy Day. Leon Feldhendler: I forgot. And my father was a rabbi. Lt. Sasha Pechersky: They kill on Holy Days. Why not the other way around? God will forgive. Leon Feldhendler: There are those here who are wondering if we can forgive God. (full quote)
47410 Shlomo Szmajzner: I will do anything for revenge, even if I have to die for it. - Leon Feldhendler: How old are you? - Shlomo Szmajzner: How old do you have to be? - Leon Feldhendler: You are old enough. (full quote)
47410 Sgt. Gustav Wagner: This morning, two prisoners escaped from north Camp. Thirteen other prisoners, no doubt inspired by their idiotic example, also tried to escape. If any of you would like to cheer, go right ahead. There will be no more escape attempts in this camp. I'll repeat that. THERE WILL BE NO MORE ESCAPE ATTEMPTS IN THIS CAMP!! (full quote)
10929 There will be no more escape attempts in this camp! (full quote)
10929 You are old enough. (full quote)
10929 Nazi prison guard. (full quote)