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In-Laws, The - 2003 Movie Quotes

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Marvin Acme They weren't caterers! They were a man and his wife, and... lettuce! (full quote)
Marvin Acme He's a rogue agent. I mean it — he's dangerous. He took me on a plane to France! (full quote)
Marvin Acme Are you coming, sweet Cobra? (full quote)
10929 See you in four days. (full quote)
10929 You think you can get me tickets to Celine Dion? (full quote)
10929 Don't think of it as a problem. Think of it as an opportunity for a solution. (full quote)
10929 He who is tarty, pays for the party. (full quote)
10929 Is that a fanny pack? (full quote)
10929 Jer, you really have to work on your listening skills. (full quote)
10929 We are deep undercover. (full quote)
10929 Always the bridemaid, never the bride. (full quote)
10929 The fungus on your toes is coming back. (full quote)
10929 Weddings are not about the bride and groom. (full quote)
10929 The fat cobra. (full quote)
10929 You have to stop and smell the roses. (full quote)
10929 Oh, no! This is about the tax return, isn't it? (full quote)
10929 Live And Let Die. (full quote)
10929 Memories. (full quote)
10929 It's Now Or Never. (full quote)
10929 what The World Needs Now Is Love. (full quote)
10929 Sunshine Of your Love. (full quote)
10929 Get down Tonight. (full quote)
10929 Too Close For Comfort. (full quote)
10929 Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head. (full quote)
10929 Wedding Day. (full quote)
  Don't Rape me! (full quote)
  Mom, when I opened the door i thought they were strippers! (full quote)
  I'm curious to know more about wet bone. (full quote)
  so I'm in france, because of submarine piss..... ? (full quote)
droshky You guys, my father wouldn't buy a russian sub - he won't even buy a foreign car !!! (full quote)
droshky (Upon jumping off a building's roof on a parachute) - A : There's gonna be a slight...jerk B : You're so much more than a slight jerk !!! A : That's not very nice... (full quote)
droshky A : It's very nice to have a wife. But as a man, there are certain things I can only do with... other men... B : Like... golf ? (full quote)
droshky (Upon jumping off the roof of a building on a parachute)A: There's gonna be a slight...parachute opens...jerk B: You're so much more than a slight jerk ! A: That's not very nice... (full quote)
droshky A: I was on my way here, excited about my submarine, and then I realized something. B:... A: Do you want to know what it was, that I realized ? B:uh... yes... A: I was more excited to see YOU! I am attracted to you physically, which for me is very strange, because I find homosexuality DISGUSTING ! B: It's a big subject... (full quote)
droshky This man was caught stealing from me. Now, were this one year ago, I would torture him to death. But, I've made some personal growth. You notice it, right ? Yeah well I'm calmer now. I'm more centered. I spent some time with Deepak Chopra - he wrote 'Molecules of emotion' and 'natural healing for anxiety and depression'. I have learned how to forgive. Voyez. Walks up to the thief Run for your life ! Grabs bodyguard's uzi and starts shooting at the guy who runs away screaming. Well, I know I need to do more work on myself... (full quote)
droshky what's wrong with you ? something's really WRONG ! (full quote)
droshky 1) How many kills do you have ? 2) ...six! 1) Six only ? 2) Uh... since Christmas! 1) Aah. People think we're insane. They do not know the joy of holding a man's beating heart in the palm of your hand. 2) That is a good feeling. 1) Oohhh..... moan of ecstasy (full quote)
droshky In Chinatown...1) This place is gonna knock your socks off ! They walk through the door of a chinese restaurant with improbable food hanging around, ducks and so on. A Chihuahua, sitting on the threshold, barks at them. 2) whispering to his wife: At least the dog looks fresh... (full quote)
droshky 1) Oh great. My least favorite person. 2) You want to do something about it, fanny boy ? (full quote)
droshky 1) And now you've probably made me radioactive with that fecal nuclear waste in my pocket! 2) I bet you've never said that sentence before in your life! (full quote)
  A Hop in ! B Look I'm not... HOPPING anywhere with you ! (full quote)
droshky He who is tardy, pays for the party ! (full quote)
46800 We've got the FBI on us like trailer trash on Velveeta. (full quote)