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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle - 2003 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
peridot73 Angels are like diamonds. They can't be made. You have to find them. (full quote)
  Get off the babysitter, Daddy's home. (full quote)
  your real is is Helen Zass? (full quote)
  natalie- bring it on bitch! (full quote)
  jason- you should see the costumes! (wink wink) (full quote)
  I'd recognize that ass anywhere you placed it. (full quote)
30846 1) I don't take orders from a speaker box anymore, I work for myself 2) well your boss sucks (full quote)
30846 I'll have something you'll never have.. freinds (full quote)
  You're broke, you're horny, and you're wearing my boots. (full quote)
  God Damn i know where i'm watching the game tonight! (full quote)
  Do not touch a black mans dew! (full quote)
  Sometimes we search too hard for the answers that are right in front of us. (full quote)
  Oh look, it's the angels ass-kicking position... (full quote)
  I was never good... I was great. (full quote)
  lucy liu: we should hurry up and ANAL-ze this drew or cameron: yes u should.. u should just crawl up in there lucy liu: i have (full quote)
  I have sand in my butt, I can't hardly walk! (full quote)
  Yummy.... (full quote)
  have a nice time in heaven. . . go to hell (full quote)
  cameron: our favorite ASSassin (full quote)
  Yatzee!!! (full quote)
  You must have been the butt of all jokes! (full quote)
KindredNeonate They're made especially for us. (full quote)
  Hi I'm Alex Mundee and i'll be your resuer today (full quote)
  ALEX:my 2 girlfriends are up in the bar MAN:theres a bar full of armed men ALEX: I know it dosn't seem far (full quote)
  I don't have a boss. I work for myself.N-your boss sucks. (full quote)
  give us the rings...give us the rings...GIVE US THE RINGS! (full quote)
  *after being shot, and thrown a few feet from her car exploding* I think she's trying to kill us...-Dylan Sanders (full quote)
35099 1)I hope the angels aren't being to rough on you Bosley. 2) No, come on, they're a couple of midgets. I date fat women! (full quote)
  Bosley's Brother: It's raining white women. (full quote)
  Alex Munday: what d'you think? Looking at the guy Dylan Sanders: mmmm. Yummy! Alex Munday: Ok... Nat reel him in.. Dylan Sanders: Why? Alex Munday: You always fall for the bad guy... Dylan Sanders: then this guy must be really evil! (full quote)
  Ley Bi Boo Gow ~~ (Bring It On Bitch) (full quote)
  sometimes we search too hard to find answers that are right in front of us. (full quote)
  Helen Zass.... (full quote)
  Bosley: It's rainin white women! (full quote)
  See, when I was an angel...we used guns! (full quote)
  Don't worry we'll always be your BUTT-ies. (full quote)
  Natalie: I've got one thing you'll never have! Madisyn: And what's that? Natalie: Friends. (full quote)
  Which one of us do you think will be the first to leave? You, me, or Natalie? what? I think it'll be Nat, don't you? Why, did she say something? Well, Nat and Pete live together now. Soon they'll be engaged. Then you and I will be wearing ugly pink dresses at the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Pete Kominski. (full quote)
  Sorry Charlie we don't take orders from a speaker box (full quote)
  This is awesome yall (full quote)
xxomgilybabexx ''Once upon a time there were three very different little girls who grew up to be three very different women with three things in common: they're brilliant, they're beautiful, and they work for me. My name is ________.'' (full quote)