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Alex and Emma - 2003 Movie Quotes

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30083 1. It's so strange in this time to hear 'sleep together' and it actually means sleeping. (full quote)
  Sometimes things don't work out, they take their place in your heart and make you a little stronger the next time. (full quote)
  I cant figure out whats worse, having to know every single detail of your desperate love for some other woman, or having to know that you obviously didnt even come close to feeling the same way about me (full quote)
10929 I'm just a writer, Emma. (full quote)
10929 Those sweet words. (full quote)
  He was racked with confusion, for the first time in his life he understood the true meaning of the expressions, horns of a delima and between a rock and a hard place, although the concept of paying through the nose has always tormented him, how does the money get in the nose in the first place and once in, is it pulled out by hand or is a sneeze involed and who would except such a transaction? (full quote)
  Maybe I'm being presumptuous here. Just because he's your fiance and a dentist doesn't automatically make him you dentist. Maybe it's one of those conflict of intrest things, like a doctor that won't operate on his own family. On the other hand drilling a tooth isn't exactly surgery, although they do call it oral surgery. So I suppose... (full quote)
  There are somethings that are nothing more than what they are. They're not meant to last. They just take their place in your heart and make you a little smarter the next time.If you care for me as much as you say you do, please respect my feelings and lets move on. (full quote)
  As she spoke of her feelings for him all he could think about was Anna. Sweet, caring, beautiful Anna and how his own failings had driven her away. Anna had become part of him. He had fallen so completely in love with her that is was hopeless to think that he could ever be with anyone else. And so he said goodbye to Polina and set off to win back the heart of his true love. Yes Polina had been a dream, like a creation from one of his stories but Anna was real. For the first time in his life that felt more powerful than anything he could imagine. The End. (full quote)
  Maybe thats why I like her, she can do her own laundry (full quote)
  TAO (full quote)
  Oh Please, Ample Bosom? What, it's literary. Well in that case you forgot the heaving. In every book I've ever read, whenever there's an ample bosom there's always heaving. Do we have to talk about this right now? You introduced the bosoms, I'm simply asking if you'd like them to heave. (full quote)
  You know what I can't figure out, I can't figure out what's worse, having to know every single detail about your desperate love for another woman, or having to know that you obviously never came close to feeling the same way about me (full quote)