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Scarlet Pimpernel, The - 1982 Movie Quotes

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31774 I had a devil of a time finding a suitable basket. (full quote)
31774 They seek him here. They seek him there. Those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven? or is he in.... hell? (full quote)
31774 Look at this limp cravet. And the sad state of those cuffs. I can hardly bring myself to look upon them. (full quote)
31774 I swear you've been taking lessons! The cravet's a picture! (full quote)
31774 Sink me! your taylors have betrayed you! T'wood serve you better to send THEM to Madam Guillotine (full quote)
31774 You are wrong about me not knowing the meaning of love. Quite wrong. (full quote)
31774 Death to the Aristo! Long live the Republic! (full quote)
31774 Madam Guillotine's work is not a pretty sight. Take a look for yourself if you have the stomach. The other two are even prettier. (full quote)
31774 I must appologize for my tardiness. T'was next to impossible to find a carriage. Sink me if everyone isn't so equal in your society that noone wants to do the driving. (full quote)
31774 1)If I were to tell you that I adore you would you have me to so stintingly?! 2)Adore me? 1)Or would you have me declare it as I feel it, with all my heart? (full quote)
31774 1)I don't know weather your mad or... 2)Desperatly in love? It's all the same. (full quote)
31774 1)Please! You move too fast! 2)My heart dictates the pace. (full quote)
31774 He is most illusive, a man of many disguises. (full quote)
31774 1)Papers! 2) Here! [handing papers to #1] [to others]He thinks I'm an aristocrat! [laughter] (full quote)
31774 (Wife)where is the man I married? (Husband)Odds fish M'dear, you're looking at him. (full quote)
10929 Look, Marquerite. England. (full quote)
  you must tell me everything about yourself, but slowly, oh so slowly, so that it takes a very, very long time. (full quote)
7046 My dear chap, I never would have dreamt of depriving you of your moment of triumph. Alas, a moment was all I could spare. (full quote)
7046 I see now what begins as a dream can end as a nightmare. Some causes can become warped and twisted, like some men. (full quote)
AriaDyer Odd's fish, m'dear! The man can't even tie his own cravat! (full quote)
AriaDyer I was out netting butterflies! (full quote)
Tallulah Sink me! The Lady's a poet! (full quote)