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Pokémon: Mewtwo's Return - 2000 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
31597 Oh, wow! I can't believe I'm finally meeting THE Luna Carson! I'm, like, a totally off-the-hook fan of yours!! I want to be exactly like you when I get old! (full quote)
31597 Now we will find out who's will is stronger!! (full quote)
31597 1: Ohh, Domino! So black and white, and yet so playful. Please, let's find a quiet place to line up and see if we're a match. 2: Haven't you learned that if you can't play, you can't win!? 1: Oww, ow! Owww! OWW! (full quote)
31597 We've always had the Team, but now we've finally got the Rockets! (full quote)
31597 1: DOMINO!! 2: Here I am! *giggles* I'm pretty lucky: that big rock missed me by an inch! Hm-mm! (full quote)
31597 All: Uh... 1: Ah... 2: That must be- 1: Must be... 3: Pika. 4: That's it, alright. Purity Canyon-the Johto Region's greatest natural wonder. 1: Yeah. No wonder. 2: Wonder how we get across it? (full quote)
31597 1: Ohh, Domino! What a beautiful name! So black and white, yet so playful. Please, let's find a quiet spot to line up and find out if we're a match. 2: Haven't you learned by now that you shouldn't play if you can't win?! 1: Ah! Oww, ow! Ow! OW! (full quote)
31597 1: Wobbuffet! 2: You're gonna drag us down, you lightweight! Return! (full quote)
31597 1)You're not going anywhere. 2)Huh? 1)Mewtwo belongs to me and I alone will decide whether it will survive or not. (full quote)
31597 1)How many times must our plans be destroyed... 2)...Before they're even allowed to be tried? 3)The answer, my friends, is blowin' in da wind! 1,2,&3)We're blasting off again!! (full quote)
31597 1)If it wasn't for the umbrella... 2)...We'd be out on a limb. (full quote)