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American Wedding - 2003 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  It's on like Donkey Kong.... bitch! (full quote)
  Finch:grandma fucker. Stifler:mother fucker. Finch:yeah i am. (full quote)
  Well shine my nuts and make me a milkshake. (full quote)
  Stifler (to Finch): What's the capital of Thailand? Bangkok! (punches Finch in the nuts) (full quote)
  Stifler: I told you he wanted to fuck me! (full quote)
32200 i'm gonna hang out with my wang out, and rock out with my cock out (full quote)
  Stifler:I really hate actually liking you. Finch:I fucked ur mom (full quote)
  Kevin: To the next step! Jim: ohh will you shutup with your next step bull shit (full quote)
  Jim: First of all I wanna thank you guys for coming... Stifler: This sucks (full quote)
  Jim: you suck Fuckblock! (full quote)
  Stifler: you suck fuckblock! (full quote)
  stifler: polish my balls and get me a milkshake! (full quote)
  Its time for me to boom boom with the bride's maid, Finch Fucker (full quote)
  CADENCE:You are an asshole. You are really an asshole. (full quote)
  FRAULEIN brandI:You boys have been very dirty! (full quote)
  Stifler: You suck Cockblock (full quote)
  stifler: pussys pussy (full quote)
  Steve Stifler: It's about time for me to boom boom with the bridesmaids, Finch Fucker! (full quote)
  Congratulation Jism (full quote)
  That's all you wanted to say?...was thanks?...well...your welcome cockblock! (full quote) fuckin stalker! (full quote)
  what part of suck my ass don't you under-fuckin-stand (full quote)
  It's on like Donkey Kong....BIOTCH (full quote)
  Great...You can blow me after practice (full quote) gotta stop masturbating (full quote)
  Voltaire can suck on my balls! (full quote)
  Love mean shaving your balls (full quote)
  Love means shaving your balls (full quote)
  its time to bombom with the bridesmades finch fucker. Im gunna hang out with my wang out. And than im gunna rock out wit my cock out (full quote)
Lunchbox 1.)Grandmother fucker 2.)Yeah, you're a mother fucker. 1.) Yes I am (full quote)
  1) You're a grandmother fucker!! 2) Well you're a mother fucker!! 1)Yes I am... (full quote)
  Dad) Why do you think they call it making love? Michelle)I just call it boning! (full quote)
  jim: You're really good at this, you shouldtake ballet. Stilfer: FUCKFACE!!! What part of this sucks my ass don't you under-fuckin-stand? (full quote)
  Stifler: Keep fighting the good fight. I love old people (full quote)
  Finch: Stifler, why are you so focused on me? Stifler: I'm suprised you don't have tits (full quote)
  Stifler: Hey Finch, do you want this for here or to go? (full quote)
  Grandma-fucker! Mother-fucker! Yes I am. (full quote)
  STIFLER: Imma gonna get laid Finch fucker! (full quote)
  STIFLER: SHIIIT! I got a frosted ass-crack. Hey, Finch, do you want this for here or to go? (full quote)
  STIFLER: You keep fighting the good fight.....I love old people (full quote)
  stifler: its time to boom boom with the bridesmaids (full quote)
  Well polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake! (full quote)
  Love life get paid & get laid (full quote)
  No, mama don't want this (full quote)
  Oh it's on like Donkey Kong, biatch! (full quote)
  Stifler: i hav a 11inch penis.....AROUND!! think about it!! (full quote)
  Finch: Now Jim let me handle it, these are my people. Stifler: There Gay? Finch: No you bleading imbosole they have style they're culture they're safesticated Stifler: so there gay (full quote)
  Kick fuckin ass 3 hour drive to Chicago to see titties! (full quote)
  Observe the fuckin Stifmeister. (full quote)
  Dear Steve, I will be forever in your debt if you teach me to dance like you did in the gay bar. (full quote)
  You have to stop masturbating, it's melting your brain (full quote)
  if i were gay you would want me. Everyone wants a peice of the stiffmeister! (full quote)
  (Finch)Hey heres an idea for you...Grow a sack, fill it will balls, sprout a dick and then fuck yourself... (full quote)
  I am special, You are special, we are all a bunch of special fuckers, aren't we? (full quote)
  Why don't you grow a sac, put in it some balls, and then magically spout a dick (full quote)
  Steven Stifler just gave flowers to a girl and meant it! It's like watching monkeys use tools for the first time! (full quote)
  Happy Fuck Day Fuckface (full quote)
  Stifler:Oh, thanks shitbreak...*shudders*I fuckin' hate not hating you! Finch: *smiling* I did fuck your mom...twice. Stifler: THAT'S BETTER FUCKER!! (full quote)
  Dont push me cause i'm CLOSE-TO-THE-EDGE. I'm-trying-not-to-lose-my-head-UH HUH UHUH! (full quote)
  whoah, you have a deep voice (full quote)
  Oh yeah? listen up ass jockey. If I were gay, you'd want me. (full quote)
  Jim:I need to ask your something i've never asked you before Michelle:Is it KINKY?? (full quote)
  Well your just a silly sally! ~ Stiffler (full quote)
  I used to have this pet bass named Barney he used to look at me like this or somthing ( makes a fishy face) well I don't know. Somtimes I like to watch the discovery channel...~Officer Crystal I don't care, Could you dance for me? Please? ~ Stiffler (full quote)
  Remember that time you wanted me to take a ride in your fanny?~ Jim (full quote)
  (puts hand on blow up dolls boob) Is this weird? ~ Stiffer Is this wierd it feels good? I love this dog! ~ Sitffler (full quote)
  I'm gonna hang out wit my wang out! I'm gonna rock out wit my cock out! HAHA FINCH FUCKER! (full quote)
  Hey Finch, whats the capital of Thailand....BANGCOCK.... (full quote)
  is it weird that it feels good. (full quote)
  Well Then It's Alright If I Call You A Crotch Face, You Ball Scratching Finch Fucker....Or Better Yet, Go Blow your Dad!! (full quote)
  A witty saying proves nothing -Voltaire Suck my dick -Ron Jeremy (full quote)
  Steven~ the whole things so lethargic to me Caydence~ what do you mean? Steven~ I have no idea (full quote)
  your special, I'm special, We're all just a bunch of special fuckers. (full quote)
  how much u bench? how much you weigh? why, u wanna pick me up? (full quote)
  Michelle - This is huge! It's like watching monkeys use tools for the first time! (full quote)
  well polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake (full quote)
  hah i got a frosted ass you want that for here or to go finch? (full quote)
  Kevin: Finch you dont think there is one girl out there for you? Finch: Kevin they're all for me. (full quote)
  Stiffler: whoa never break character again. i dont care if Kevin starts crying cuz Finch bit his cock off. (full quote)
  Jim:You can plan the bachelor party. Stiffler: With a dildo show? (full quote)
  It's like a blind man picking out his favorite porno.. this shit is crazy! (full quote)
  Stifler: Fuck Face! what part of this sucks my fucking colon do you not under fucking stand! (full quote)
  Stifler:you didnt eat shit okay? you didnt prance around here like a ballerina for the whole week 'oh wedding this, suck my ass that, I'm special you're special we're all just a bunch of special fuckers aren't we?' well you know what? I'ma gonna get laid Finch-fucker and it's gonna be oh so good it's gonna be like 'you like this shit mama?' and shes gonna be like 'fuckin right doggie give it to me, suck on my nipples like you're, like you're milkin' a cow like '(suck suck suck suck suck) meow (suck suck suck suck) meow (full quote)
  Finch: Love life, get paid, get laid (full quote)
  thats good fuckin cake aint it dog (full quote)
  Haha. Congratulation Jism. Haha. (full quote)
  what happened to my invite, huh? Get lost in the mail, fuckface?? (full quote)
  Happy fuck day assmouth! (full quote)
  My dick looks like a corn dog, i got cake all over my balls (full quote)
  your Fucked now Jim (full quote)
  well polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake (full quote)
  lick my ballls damon (full quote)
  I'm special, you're special, we're all just a bunch of special fuckers! (full quote)
  Look! Congratulation Jism! (full quote)
  Love life-Get paid-And then Get laid (full quote)
  STIFLER: Do it, don't fuck around, just relax, do it for daddy...Will you just take a shit already! (full quote)
  STIFLER: Thanks assholes! (full quote)
  Finch: A Witty statement proves nothing - Voltaire. Stifler: HA, Suck my dick. - Ron Jeremy (full quote)
  STIFLER: Like I said, this is awesome! (full quote)
  STIFLER: Oh My God! what the fuck is going on here? (full quote)
  STIFLER: Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge. I'm trying not to lose my head. Uh Huh Uh Huh (full quote)
  Hi! Nice to meet you!! I'm his good friend Steven!! (full quote)
  STIFLER: what the hell is our time? (full quote)
  Stifler: You're big, I could use a guy like you on my team. Mr. Bellevelldear: Are you referring to our team or an actual team? Stifler: what the hell is our team? (full quote)
  STIFLER: You guys in a sporting goods stores, verrrry nice. Hey Finch, I think they've got your size, beautiful. (full quote)
  STIFLER: what the fuck Shitbreak? FINCH: It's chocolate (full quote)
  STIFLER: Happy Fuckday assmo, what happend to my invite, got lost in the mail fuckface (full quote)
deliylah I'm gonna hang out with my wang out, rock out with my cock out! (full quote)
Mejicano Sucio It on like King Kong, biatch!!! (full quote)
35691 Jim Should I shave my balls Do you shave your balls How do you do it (full quote)
36602 Well, polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake! (full quote)
36602 Im gonna hang out with my wang out.....and Im gonna rock out with my cock out ::laugh:: (full quote)
36602 you've made me the happiest man in the world! (full quote)
36602 Besides all of the shits, fucks, and blow mes, there is a really good guy underneath it all. (full quote)
36602 Love life, get paid, and then get laid.....thats the motto of the Finchmister! (full quote)
36602 Congadulation Jism ::laugh:: (full quote)
36602 Is it weird that it feels good? (full quote)
36602 Who sucks donkey dick??? JIM SUCKS DONKEY DICK!! (full quote)
  Steve Stifler: Do it,Dont fuck around,Just relax and let it go, im sick of waiting,do it for daddy........would you just take a shit already. (full quote)
  Stifler: your one big floppy cock, look at you you gotta stand like a man (full quote)
  Hey, Pussys Pusssy (full quote)
  Stifler to Jim: Hey, happy fuck day assface! (full quote)
  see?! i told u that guy wanted to fuck me! (full quote)
  Yeah...take it! (full quote)
  Stifler-Fuckin rites doggy (full quote)
  Happy fuck day asshole! (full quote)
  Oh Jim, you've got to stop masturbating, its melting your brain! (full quote)
  You like a blind man tryin to pick out his favorite porno! (full quote)
  girl: hi this is bear stifler: woah u are a bear bear:raar stifler:how much u bench? bear: how much u weigh? stifler: haha why u gonna try and pick me up bear:i bet you i could stifler: I know you could,you are BIG (full quote)
  You know, son, in my day, pubic hair wasn't a problem. (full quote)
  Jim: Maybe you should just leave, Stifler Stifler: Okay, fine...adios! (full quote)
  I think under all those shits, fucks, and blow mes, there's a caring and generous guy under there just wanting to get out! (full quote)
  Kevin: STIFLER! Finch: Granny!! Stifler: Granny?? Granny: Focus, focus, focus! Stifler: Uhh..its not what it looks like! Ahh, shut the fuckin' door!! (Finch)You got it, champ. (Stifler) AAAHHH!!! (full quote)
  WHO SUCKS DONKEY DICK! (full quote)
  Congratu-fucking-lations (full quote)
  Stifler:I'm stylish, and cultured... I'm sophisticted Gay guy: Oh, and that just RADIATES from your oh so sexy self. (full quote)
  Stiffler:JEESUS! you fuckin stalker Finch: your not a very stealthy theif Stiffler: oh really well guess what shitbreak its a wedding everything is free... what do u want? Finch: Jims grandmother doesnt approve of the wedding we are trying to run an interferance and reluctantly... im asking for your help Stiffler: Sorry finchmiester... i got plans with cadence Finch: could u not think about your dick for once and do somethign helpful Stiffler: fuck you finch... you didnt eat shit...ok you didnt prance around like a ballerina this whole week... suck mya ss this....your special im special were all just a bunch of special fuckers arent we well ima gonna get laid finchfucker and its gona be like you like this shit momma? and shes gonna be like fucking right doggy give it to me suck on my nipples like your like your milkin a cow...... (full quote)
  Stiffler: Do it.... dont fuck around... just relax... and let it go.... do it for daddy... will u just take a shit already? (full quote)
  no fucking way.. were goin to chicago to see titties!!! (full quote)
  Stiffler: what are you looking at? im not a stake (full quote)
  Finch- I'm gonna give you a quote to live by, love life, get paid, and then get laid. That is the key works of the Finchmiester (full quote)
  Jim:NO! Michelle's parents:Why not? Mr. Bellvedeare: Because I just checked on the dogs Jim:Becuase he just checked on the dogs. (full quote)
  Hey, pussys pussy (full quote)
  No pussy, no dancing, no pussy, no dancing. (full quote)
  Let me refresh your memory partner... (full quote)
  Hey, I'mg gonna give you guys a quote to live by, don't fucking put things on the website if you don't know the fucking lines. Go watch the movie and then submit, you're ruing the fucking movie, you guys suck! (full quote)
  Stifler: Fuckin' right doggie that's good cake! (full quote)
  I can Dance (full quote)
  Stiffler: what the fuck Shit Brick! (full quote)
  Finch: Stifler, can you just forget about yourself for one secone. Stifler: Fuck you Finch. You didn't eat shit, okay. You didn't prance around here like a ballerina for the whole week, oh wedding this, suck my ass that. I'm special, you're special, we're all just a bunch of special fuckers aren't we. We'll you know what, Ima gonna get laid Finch fucker and its gonna be ohh so good. It's gonna be like, you like this shit mama; and she's gonna be like fucking rite doggy,, give it to me. Suck on my nipples like your, like your milking a cow. (full quote)
  stifler - ah jim look what you did, you got cake all over my dick! (full quote)
  Everybody wants a piece of the Stiffmeister!!!!! (full quote)
  Do it...Don't fuck around...Just take a shit already. FUCKIN RIGHT DOGGY! (full quote)
  My name is Steven Stifler and I have an 11 inch penis!......AROUND.....Think about it! (full quote)
  which part of this sucks my ass do you not under-fucking-stand? no pussy, no daanciing (fart noise) hows that for polite? hahaha (full quote)
  well polish my nuts, and serve me a milkshake (full quote)
  Yo've been staring at those dogs like a hawk all day long. I'm a dog lover. (full quote)
  Well polish my nust and serve me a milk-shake. (full quote)
  Love isn't just a feeling...It's shaving your balls! (full quote)
  Relax and take it slow (full quote)
36418 1. I haven't been this confused since my first period. 2. Well that's a very confusing time for any young lady things going out things going in. 1. No I don;t need help with my period I need help with my vows. (full quote)
36418 1. Why don't you use your napkin? 2. I don't need a napkin. (full quote)
38324 Love isnt a feeling, its something you do. (full quote)
anne benoit Keep it real homies (full quote)
anne benoit Of course he's screwed, he's getting married (full quote)
anne benoit I'm sure Lesley always helps associates of assholes (full quote)
anne benoit Cadence, let's leave the creighton here (full quote)
anne benoit You're like a blind man picking out his favorite porno (full quote)
anne benoit And let me tell you, your mother, bless her, can still make me squeal like a pig (full quote)
anne benoit It's on like Donkey Kong, biatch (full quote)
anne benoit My girlfriend has strict rules about this, touching. (full quote)
anne benoit I am a master of the tantric art (full quote)
anne benoit Stiffie, how slimming is this? (full quote)
anne benoit I DON'T care, could you just dance for me please? (full quote)
anne benoit Look at you, you pathetic little weasel (full quote)
anne benoit So has Michelle ever told you about the story of how we fell in love? (full quote)
anne benoit Master put the mop in my fanny (full quote)
anne benoit Wow, this really makes me important to the wedding (full quote)
anne benoit I'm keeping it safe in my room you silly sally (full quote)
anne benoit 1) You're an asshole 2) I know 1) You really are an asshole 2) Thanks (full quote)
anne benoit I have'nt been this confused since I got my first period (full quote)
anne benoit You don't have to be embarrassed if you wanna add some spiciness to our relationship (full quote)
anne benoit The food and the drink are really bad, F for presentation (full quote)
anne benoit Honestly, would you have passed up sex with Nadia? (full quote)
anne benoit Happy fuck day ass-mo (full quote)
anne benoit Is it weird that it feels good? (full quote)
anne benoit They just think they raised a perfect band camp girl (full quote)
anne benoit Challenging, but do-able (full quote)
anne benoit Let me put it to you this way Jimbo, no pussy, no dancing, no pussy, no dancing (full quote)
anne benoit You need to take another look around (full quote)
anne benoit And all of that just radiates from you oh so sexy self (full quote)
anne benoit Damn Stiffie, you've got some moves (full quote)
anne benoit Jim he's not doing it to be nice, he's trying to bone Cadence (full quote)
anne benoit I think I'm going to stretch my legs with the Finchmeister (full quote)
anne benoit I'll be giving you an enema (full quote)
anne benoit You fed the ring to the dog, didn't you? (full quote)
anne benoit Shitbrick, c'mon (full quote)
anne benoit It's like watching monkeys use tools for the first time (full quote)
anne benoit I haven't been this confused since I got my first period (full quote)
41964 1:Maybe you wanna make things extra special tonight? 2:Which room's yours? 1:Ahhhh, I'm crashin at Kevin's 2:Well, I saw like a big fluffy linen closet at the end of the hall... 1:Yes! Big fluffy linen closet is good! (full quote)
41964 Hey Flower Fuckers! ya there?! (full quote)
41964 We don't quit at halftime ma'am! You don't score until you score! (full quote)
41964 Finch:Grandmotherfucker Stiffler:Oh yeah. Well you're a motherfucker Finch:Yes I am. (full quote)
41964 Thank you! This was all about THANK YOU! You're welcome cockblock (full quote)
41964 1:Why do you think they call it making love? 2:I don't know. I just call it boning! 1:Boning. Well we can't be boning from sunrise to sunset. 2:Oh you've never tried it? 1:I certainly have. I have. I've boned from sunrise right through brunch. (full quote)
41964 I'm the guy that just destroyed all the flowers for the Lowenstein-Bandgeek wedding! (full quote)
41964 The old lady sucked! We had to ditch her (full quote)
41964 My queen, my goddess, my MILF. MILF! MIIILLLLFF! MILF! (full quote)
41964 1:Finch? Finch is boneable! 2:Finch is boneable (full quote)
41964 Oh Jim. You gotta stop masturbating! It's melting your brain! (full quote)
41964 HAHA! I told you that guy wanted to fuck me! (full quote)
43297 here's a quote voltaire can suck my balls. well its about time someone said it! (full quote)
45511 Finch: Grand-mother fucker. Stifler: Well you're a mother fucker. Finch: Yes, I am. (full quote)
45511 listen up ass jockey. If I were gay, you'd want me. (full quote)
45511 The first pair of tits this guy saw, was cause of me. The first chick he hooked up with was at my cottage. Can I get a Halleluia? But my fellow fuckers this assmouth doesn't want me, the grand fuckin facilitator, to attend his wedding. Who sucks donkey dick? (full quote)
dabestestmama michelle annabeth flarity..will you marry me? (full quote)
Bobafett93422 If I were gay, you'd want me! (full quote)
galletje You're like a blind man picking out his favourite porno. (full quote)