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Cabin Fever - 2003 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  PANCAKES! (full quote)
  Shop Owner: Son, give me one good reason why you would steal a Snickers bar from me... Bert: ... the nougat? (full quote)
  Where are you going? - To shoot some squirrel Why - Because they're gay Thats horrible - I dont care if they're gay or straight im gonna shoot them anyway! (full quote)
  Get that slut away from me! Shes diseased! (full quote)
  TEEN: what is the fox piss used for? STORE OWNER: thats for the fox's. TEEN: well whats the shotgun for?? STORE OWNER: thats for the niggers. (full quote)
  doctor like a professor?..yeah a professor of being a dog! (full quote)
  guy-so does this mean you like me? is this like a date? girl-don't be gay (full quote)
  OOF-faced! (full quote)
  Paul you really did a number on my back (full quote)
  Have yourself a big 40 (full quote)
  He looked like Bert's marshmallow. (full quote)
  They found his head in the ball return. He was still smiling. (full quote)
  Nothing compares to Karen and her parents shower massage. (full quote)
  No one sits next to Dennis. (full quote)
  Its that fuckin freak's dog, man. (full quote)
  You like her cause she's nice to you, and she's nice to you cause she can control you. (full quote)
  I guess I'm gonna have to smoke all this weed by myself. (full quote)
  He better have weed or I'm not letting him in. (full quote)
  You shot the car! (full quote)
  OOF faceD...SCRATCH MODED... (full quote)
  Teen: what's the fox piss for? Store Owner: Well thats for foxes Teen: Well whats the rifle for? Store Owner: Well thats for niggers (full quote)
  I don't wanna get it! I don't want any of us gettin' it! But you two fuckin' fuckers insist on touchin' her! (full quote)
  dude.. we shot henry !
FUCK ! (full quote)
  tint professor (full quote)
  well what are we gonna say to the deputy?
..oh.. by the way.. we burned some guy alive.. (full quote)
  this is dr marbo (full quote)
  thats a positive bonfire.. (full quote)
  anna and suz are the best (full quote)
  this is so the best movie (full quote)
  because its anna and suzs movie (full quote)
  and theyre the best (full quote)
  OHHH faceD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (full quote)
  .......scratch moded.......... (full quote)
  OHH faceD (full quote)
  ..scratch moded.. (full quote)
  ..scratch moded.. (full quote)
  tint professor. (full quote)