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Malibu's Most Wanted - 2003 Movie Quotes

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  Pleeezzzeee don't be hat'n (full quote)
  i tested positive...for g-a-m-e! (full quote)
  What do you think you know about life in the ghetto?! B-Rad- B.E.T. (full quote)
  What do you think you know about life in the ghetto?! B-Rad- B.E.T. (full quote)
  Doc: So..Bradley... B-rad: Man why you keep callin' me that? Doc: Because it is your name B-Rad: Nah it's only my slave name. Doc: Alright then...B-Rad... (full quote)
  Chandra: damn!..I offered you a snack! Not the whole kitchen! (full quote)
  Do you know what really chaps my ass? after all of our schooling and studying they yet continue to give us parts that are gangbangers; for once would i like to play a role where we can speak proper grammer and not have to wear those disgusting timberlans with the laces undone so sloppy. (full quote)
  Whack-of poor quality, Diss- to disrespect; to embaress.(sean)Hey! whats up with the hair?(TJ)you hate it?(Sean) no i dont hate it.(TJ) o i see youre just jealous(Sean)Fricken A im not jealous, I'm an actor... youre fricken whack! and dont diss me! (full quote)
  This aint no Picnic Bitch! (full quote)
  This aint no Picnic Bitch! (full quote)
  (sean)Give me your ride punk or i will dust your ass!(TJ) Nope, not convincing, find your core charachter sean, you are an oppressed black man, Think Tupac! try it again.(sean) Give me your ride punk or i will dust your ass!(tj) and a biotch and i think we got it! (full quote)
  freeway freeway lookn' for my chapstick, feeling a lil cautious, theres a ford maverick! Thats a million dollar song right theeree! (full quote)
  Hey yo, traffic traffic lookin for my chapstick, gettin kinda carsick theres a Ford Maverick, see theres a million dolla song right thurr. (full quote)
  Hey yo, Krista to the Barista, put it on my tab, and add a macadizzamina nizzut cookie too, cool playa. (full quote)
  Bill Gluckman is down with the bitches and the hoes? it was saposed to read women are first with Gluckman (full quote)
  Shrink shrink, blinkity blink, try to make me think, make me wanna vomit, clean it up with comet. (full quote)
  SHOTGUN! Hey I called Shotgun, dont you know what shotgun means? It means I sit in the front, you better hope I don't piss in yo' trunk! (full quote)
  Lets start droppin bodies, HE-YEAH YEAH (full quote)
  Damn these special effects is da bomb. (full quote)
33955 (B-Rad: this is our mall. always has been, always will be! there's about to be some hard core drama bout to go down right neow! (Hodges: that's rrrright. (Lady at desk: ohhh mr. o'merclanni, our clerk gave you the wrong aroma therapy candles. here you go. (b-rad looks at hodges funny)(B-Rad: that's what i'm talkin about! we get ours! (moe barks)(B-Rad: you validat perkin? (Lady: of coures sir. (full quote)
35780 S~BRAD B~Man why do you keep callin me that? S~Thats you name isn't it? B~ thats my slave name i told you like 50 times! S~ ok B-Rad! B~ wassup? S~ what are your goals inlife B~ To be the biggest rapper there ever was! Let me kick a freestyle for you right now SHRINK SHRINK BLINKTEY BLINK TRY TO MAKE ME THINK MAKE ME WANA GO TO MY SINK AND VOMIT THEN CLEAN IT UP WITH COMET EARTH IS MY PLONET thats a million dollar song right there! S~ so how long have you been this shizznitt(stutters) B~ Ah every since i was a little shawty! I had these beats in my head that i couldnt forget! My parents were always on different channels M~ Were not leaving till your eat those vegatables D~Mmmm those look good YB~ forget ya'll S~ so what your saying is that your parents were never there for you? B~ no! M~ now that is not true! D~ what about your barmistfa? R~ whats the theme of your barmitstfa? starwars? superheros? YB~ OPP bitch!! (full quote)
35780 you just opened up a big can of tough love (full quote)
35780 I know i needed to show up in order for you to blow up! (full quote)
35780 now that doesnt sound like dre dre! >>why dont you show him your ass? (full quote)
35780 We are in the ghetto the hood the projects! people get killed here everyday! Yay Yea! sandra can you come over later princess just had puppies! sure buhbye! pitbull puppies foo pitbull puppies! (full quote)
35780 So you saying you jacked all this? Ya! So if you jacked it then why do you have the recipt? i stole that too! (full quote)
35780 When you said this aint no picnic bitch i screamed like one on the inside like OOoOO! (full quote)
  (other guy)-man where'd u learn that? (b-rad)-grand theft auto 3. O.G.-word? can i borrow it? B-R-u got playstation 2? O.G.-no, man, i got gamecast. B.R-gamecast? well there's gamecube, and dreamcast.. O.G.-man i said i got gamecast! i cant afford that stuff. (full quote)
  Run bitch run!!! he gonnnn KILLLLL YOUUUU! (full quote)
  Gurrllll, you a cross between Martha Stewart and Oprah, Im gon call you motrah! (full quote)
  when i say mali you say bu mali BOO (full quote)
  This isn't how they do it on American Idol! (full quote)
  Oooooo you did it now...... you just opened up a BIG can of tough love! (full quote)
  Chandra: Tek, it's not what it looks like! Tek: Damn Chandra! That's the line I always used on you...... and it's exaclty what it looked like! (full quote)
  Gluckman's down with the bitches and the hos (full quote)
  B-RAD (full quote)
  You're so poor your tits are real! (full quote)
  traffic traffic looking for my chapstick feeling kinda carsick theres a ford maverick (full quote)
  Oh Shiznet! (full quote)
  your Mama so ugly, she only got married once! (full quote)
  give me your ride or i will dust your ass biach (full quote)
  You know kissin babies and what not (full quote)
  i can rap about anythang....shrink, shrink, blikity blank, make me wanna go to mah sank..vomit....clean it up with is mah plaaanit (full quote)
  (Bloodbath and T) Hey Yo, My name is Bill Gluckman, and when i'm on stage you can really say I suck man (full quote)
  (1.)do me this one favor. (2.)you are the driver i am the shooter, (1.)i'm scared of koreans! (full quote)
  ey yo I may be white, but inside my soul's as dark as night, and I don't wanna fight, I'd rather go fly a kite, or go on a low carb diet, that means no more pasta, ya'll rappers is slow, and I'm kinda fasta', i got a watch, its a sweeatch, and when i wash my clothes i use bleeatch, (anyone know what line is in here?), straight up..malibu..hardcore NIGGA! (full quote)
  B-Rad: didn't yo mama eva tell you how ta treat a lady? That's not nice. (full quote)
  B-Rad- Where you rizzide? Shaundra- Compton. You? B-Rad- the streets Shaundra- what streets? B-Rad- MaliBU (full quote)
  Shrink Shrink Blinkedy Blink,Try To make Me Think, Go To The Sink,Vomet,CLean It UP With Comet, Earth Is My Plonet...haha (full quote)
  B-Rad: Damn she got in a fight with a hairdryer, and the hairdryer won. (full quote)
  B-Rad: If I work hard, I can be the biggest rapper there ever was? Ronnie Rizzat: Rapper? Hell no you stink. B-Rad: Don't be hatin'. Ronnie Rizzat: I'd rather eat garbage then listen to your sorry ass rhymes. (full quote)
  Im down wit the brizown (full quote)
  Don't be hatin (full quote)
  yo moma so fat..shes only been married ONCE! (full quote)
  Little Girl: Saundra, come by later, princess had puppies. Saundra: Ok, I'll be over later. TJ:Pit Bull Puppies Foo! (full quote)
  traffic (full quote)
  your Mama is so fat, she uses Mexico, the whole country, as her tanning bed! (full quote)
  Monster used to have a big chip on her shoulder until she ate it. (full quote)
  B-rad- shut up hoe Chandra- hoe? who you calling a hoe? B-rad- you hoe! the same hoe that gave me that weak-ass kiss 5 minutes ago. PJ- I told you she liked white boys! (full quote)
  Tec- yo that was ill! where did you learn that from? B-rad- grand theft auto 3. Tec- Word. Can I borrow that? B-rad- you got a playstation 2? Tec- Na man, I got gamecast. B-rad- There's either a gamcube or a dreamcast... Tec- I told you i got gamecast. damn. i can't afford it. (full quote)
  But i ams who I says I ams! Damn! (full quote)
  your mama is so poor her tits are real. your mama so ugly she only be married once. your mama so fat she uses Mexico-the whole country-as her tanning bed. (full quote)
anne benoit Don't be hatin' (full quote)
anne benoit You see, California is my family (full quote)
anne benoit Mala-bootay (full quote)
anne benoit I'll call you, better yet, I'll holla (full quote)
anne benoit You a cross between Martha Stewart and Oprah. I'm gonna call you Moprah (full quote)
anne benoit I got a PHD. A poser hater degree (full quote)
anne benoit Damn fool, I said a kiss. I offered you a snack, not the whole kitchen (full quote)
anne benoit You validate paawking? (full quote)
40766 King Kong ain't got nuttin on me! (full quote)
filem001 You're sending him to Compton? He's never been east of Beverly Hills! (full quote)