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Rundown, The - 2003 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
10929 Have fun. (full quote)
  that's a lot of cows (full quote)
  Do you like Thunderstorms? (full quote)
  I would kill for a monkey with a hard-on right now (full quote)
Kizzle I feel like, a little boy, who's lost his first tooth. Put it under his pillow, waiting, for the tooth fairy to come. only to find that, two burgalars have broke in my window, and snatched it! (full quote)
10929 Don't make this weird. (full quote)
10929 Do I look like Santa Claus to you? (full quote)
10929 Never met an American who didn't like guns. (full quote)
10929 That's a lot of cows. (full quote)
Kizzle Fine me my tooth! (full quote)
Kizzle You got the moves! I'll give you that! (full quote)
Kizzle You reached your hand into the wrong refrigerator Mr. xxxxxx! (full quote)
  Hey you look like a little birdy up there Ka-Kaw Ka-Kaw!~Travis (full quote)
29257 Is that duct tape? (full quote)
  I'll double it -- I'll quadruple it -- i'll double it and quadruple it -- your being unreasonable! (full quote)
  Are you threatening me with pee? (full quote)
  you got two choices, option A you give me the ring, or option B I make you give me the ring (full quote)
  I'm starting to long for a monkey with a hard on. (full quote)
  whatever they're paying you... i'll double it! NO! I'll quadruple it! NO! I'll double it and quadruple it! NOOO! (full quote)
  You're a very unpleasant individual, you know that! (full quote)
  Travis: Augh! So angry! (full quote)
  Travis: Santa Clause doesn't give any breaks! (full quote)
  Hatcher: Do you understand the concept of the tooth fairy!? (full quote)
  what is that? It's like spinning Tarzan Jiu Jitsu (full quote)
  Don't rock the boat.....Don't make waves....You're dead you just don't know it yet (full quote)
43354 You know, back in the states, Brazil nuts like these go for 15 dollars a pound. Well, those fell from the tree out back, and around here we don't call them Brazil nuts. What do you call them? Well, we're in Brazil, we just call them nuts. (full quote)
44977 A)what's that asshole? B)Did you get it or not asshole? A)what's that asshole? (full quote)
44977 I'll take option C (full quote)
44977 I'm looking for a man named Travis Walker...right now he has a real bewildered look on his face. (full quote)
44977 Do you understand the CONCEPT of the tooth fairy!!? (full quote)
44977 A)When I'm in another man's house, I don't reach into his refridgerator without asking permission. B)Does this look like a refridgerator? A)Looks more like hell. (full quote)
10929 You dropped out of Stanford after two semesters, Einstein. (full quote)