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Mike Bassett: England Manager - 2001 Movie Quotes

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The Raven England are playing FOUR-FOUR-FUCKING-TWO! (full quote)
  That Rufus Smalls, couldn't hit the side of a Renault Espace (full quote)
  Tonight Tonker had all the pace of a Austin Allegro (full quote)
  You know that Daewoo car you sold me, well its an absolute fucking disgrace (full quote)
39746 Mike: Chins up lads Doddsy: Come on lads your heard what the boss said chins up (full quote)
  Mike Bassett: You tell me where it says Benson and Hedges on that packet! *Realises that's the name on the packet* Oh! (full quote)
  Reporter: You do realise Benson and Hedges are third division players and Hedges is 46 don't you? Mike Bassett: Of course I do! The older they are the more experience! (full quote)
  MIKES WIFE: Mike played for 14 different clubs in 9 positions including goalie... (full quote)
  REPORTER: What about fitness, tonka was stuffed after 20 minutes MIKE: Yeah but what a 20 minutes hey?! (full quote)
  I think what he;s trying to say lads, is that these wogs will nick anything... (full quote)