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Gotti - 1996 Movie Quotes

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  you know ive clipped a lot of guys in my time, close friends, guys I didnt even know. I didnt always agree the guy should be clipped, but I NEVER questioned the orders! And I never went off half-cocked, and clipped somebody I wasnt supposed to! (full quote)
10929 --Mr. Gotti, I am with the F.B.I. --You know what F.B.I. stands for, don't you? --Why don't you tell me. --Forever bother the Italians. (full quote)
10929 Makes you think. Makes you think about the people in your life. (full quote)
  In ten years, they're gonna miss John Gotti. (full quote)
  five ten years from now they're gonna wish it was La Cosa Nostra... five ten years from now... they're gonna miss John Gotti (full quote)
  never fear sicily, the serpant lies coiled in naples. (full quote)
  You sell drugs...YOU DIE!!! (full quote)