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Last Samurai, The - 2003 Movie Quotes

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  Algren-San: I think every man does what he can until his destiny is revealed to him (full quote)
  Katsumoto: You have your honor, now let me have mine (full quote)
  young child: My father said it was honorable to die in battle? Algren: That is what he believed. young child: I would be afraid to die in battle. Algren: Me too. young child: But youve fought in many battles before. Algren And i was afraid every time. (full quote)
  >Tell me how he died. >I will tell you how he lived! (full quote)
  I am afraid all we have done is wake a sleeping giant and fill him with resolve. (full quote)
  You have another American who won MOH in your civil war. Arthur MacArthur? His son will not be a warrior! (full quote)
  *Japan is a very old place. We must embrace new ways. The first think we need to do, is learn how to make a good watch. *That will never happen! (full quote)
  Now what do you want to know. *Tell me, what do you Americans do on Sunday mornings? (full quote)
  What do you Japanes do on August afternoons? (full quote)
  You have very nice children. *ah so Made in Japan. (full quote)
  Old Japanese proverb. When you fish in another mans pond, his bird will drop a very big egg on your house. (full quote)
  You do not like sushi? Raw fish is good for you! *So is cooked fish! (full quote)
  There is much to learn form the west. We need to look to the future. *Well, have you heard of McDonalds or Wal-Mart? (full quote)
  Have you heard of Sony or Honda? (full quote)
  This was a big fight. *yes, Bruce Lee would have been proud. (full quote)
  You can spend a life time look for the purfect Cherry Bloosum. Then a Japanese Beetle will ruin it. *Do you mean YoKo Ono? (full quote)
  No, I mean Julian Lenon. (full quote)
10929 --You think a man can change his destiny? --I believe a man does what he can until his destiny is revealed. (full quote)
  *They are Samurai. You know Samurai? **Yes, thats 2 fat men wrestling in a circle. *No, that is Sumo. Samurai are warriors, sumo is fake. (full quote)
  The ancient and modern at war for the heart of a nation. (full quote)
  Proverb: Never behead a Samurai on the side of a hill. (full quote)
  A rolling head gathers no moss. (full quote)
  *Tora, Tora, Tora! **NOW?? *No ass hole, later.(in another 64 years) (full quote)
Miles J 1-The way of the samurai is no longer necessary. 2-Necessary...what could be more necessary? (full quote)
Miles J life in every breath. That is bushido (full quote)
Miles J 1-I will practice my English with you. 2-You kept me alive to speak English? (full quote)
Kizzle Well they won't surrender (full quote)
Kizzle jolly good (full quote)
Kizzle I have introduced myself, and you have introduced yourself. This is a very good conversation. (full quote)
Kizzle Katana wuzi. WUZI! (Put down the sword. PUT IT down!) (full quote)
Kizzle If you think me to be your enemy. Command me, and I will gladly end my life (full quote)
MovieFreak Emperor Meiji: Tell me how he died. Nathan Algren: I will tell you how he lived. (full quote)
  It was an honor for me to cut off his head. (full quote)
  With all due respect Sir, stick it up your arse. (full quote)
Miles J My thanks, on behalf of those who died in the name of better mechanical amusements and commercial opportunities. (full quote)
Miles J A perfect blossom. You could spend your whole life searching for one, and it would not be a life wasted. (full quote)
  1)You want me to kill Jappos? I'll kill Jappos. 2) I'm not asking you to kill anybody. 1) You want me to kill the enemies of Jappos, I'll kill the enemies of Jappos. The Rebs, or Sioux, or Cheyenne...for five hundred bucks a month, I'll kill whoever you want. But keep one thing in mind...I'd happily kill you for free. (full quote)
  for $500 i'll kill anyone u want me to, but keep one thing in mind, i'll happylee kill you for free (full quote)
38573 Oh capital, a fellow linguist. (full quote)
  I have introduced myself, you have introduced yourself. This has been a very good conversation. (full quote)
  ...or I will personally shit-kick every Far Eastern buttock that I lay eyes on! (full quote)
  Omura: Noooonsense! full attack! (full quote)
  Jolly good! (full quote)
  Godspeed (full quote)
  ...KILLED TO LAST MAN! (full quote)
  I don't give a damn about the samurai, i want to know my enemy. (full quote)
40884 Emperor Meiji : Tell me how he died. Algren : I will tell you how he lived. (full quote)
40884 Algren : Sergeant Gant did you hear my order? Zebulon Gant : I did indeed sir. Algren : Then you will obey it. Now! Zebulon Gant : No disrespect intended, sir, but shove it up your ass. (full quote)
40884 Algren : I know why you don't talk. Because you're angry. You're angry because they make you wear a dress. Isn't that right Bob? You mind if I call you Bob? I knew a guy named Bob. He was as ugly as a mule. You a ladies man, Bob? (full quote)