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And the Band Played On - 1993 Movie Quotes

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34986 How many dead hemophiliacs does it take? (full quote)
34986 You know Reagan hasn't even said the word AIDS in public yet. (full quote)
  sometimes I look at you in awe and wonder (full quote)
  how many dead hemopheliacs do u need? how many people have to die to make it cost efficiant for you people to do something about it? 100 , 1000, give us a number so we won't annoy you again until the amount of money you begin spending on lawsuits makes it more profitable for you to save people than to kill them! (full quote)
  we need somebody with so much clout , they have God's unlisted phone number. (full quote)
  If the city of San Francisco wants the bathouses closed,the gay community is going to have to help close them.goodnight. (full quote)
  Listen.Help me,don't help me,that's up to you.But don't fuck with me,I'm not playing games here. (full quote)