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Big Fish - 2003 Movie Quotes

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  Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you're not too big? Maybe this place is just too small? (full quote)
  There are some fish that can't be caught. It's not that they're bigger or faster then the other fish, they're just touched by something extra. (full quote)
  When you first see the love of your life, time stops.... (full quote)
  1: Did you do any of that stuff? 2: NO, but i hear it's terrible! (full quote)
  It turns out my mother was bangin the milk man. (full quote)
  We were like strangers who knew each other very well (full quote)
  after all, an extrodinary man can't have an ordinary life. (full quote)
  ...There's some good eatin here in my legs though! (full quote)
  Ed Bloom: Truth is, I've always been thirsty. (full quote)
  Josephine: I'd like to take your picture Ed Bloom: Oh, you don't need a picture. Just look up handsome in the dictionary. (full quote)
  There comes a point when any reasonable man will swallow his pride and admit he made a mistake. The truth is ... I was never a reasonable man. (full quote)
  When you first see the love of your life, time stops..but what they don't tell you is that it moves extra fast to catch up again. (full quote)
QuickStopRST What no one ever said was, when time starts back up again, it goes super fast to make up for it. (full quote)
28233 I am more determined than any man you will ever meet (full quote)
20947 Wait a minute... This isn't how I die! (full quote)
20947 I think I'd like to see how I die. That way, I know I can survive everything else. (full quote)
8563 We were strangers who know each other very well. (full quote)
1454 I can't go back, I'm a human sacrifice (full quote)
20947 They say time freezes when you first see your true love. What they don't tell you is that, when time starts up again, it moves super fast to make up for it. (full quote)
20947 Sandra Templeton, I love you and I WILL marry you!!! (full quote)
  best movie eva! i was kinda confused, but u no wut, thats ok! (full quote)
28233 I have more determination than any man you're likely to meet! (full quote)
  A man tells stories so many times that he becomes the stories. They live on after him and in that way he becomes immrotal. (full quote)
38257 1) Can I take your picture? 2) you don't need a picture..just look up handsome in the dictionary (full quote)
38257 1) She's got a glass eye 2) I heard she got it from a gyspy 3) what's a gypsy? 1) your momma's a gypsy (full quote)
  You might have been a big fish in a small pond, but you're in the ocean now, and you're drowning. (full quote)
  Have you ever heard a joke so many times you've forgetten why it's so funny. Then you hear it agian and it's new you remember why you loved it in the first place. That was my fathers finail joke i guess. The man tells his stories so many times he becomes the stories. The live on after hi, and in that way he becomes imortal. (full quote)
10929 Roses are red. Violets are blue. I love Spectre. (full quote)
  The biggest fish in the river gets that way by never being caught. (full quote)
  He ate my dog! (full quote)
  You're like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny combined...just as charming and just as fake. (full quote)
40328 1.) Promise me you'll come back. 2.) I promise. Someday. When I'm really supposed to. (full quote)
10929 Sometimes the only way to catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring. (full quote)
deadpoetjs You see, I learned something that day. The only way to catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring. (full quote)
  the one you love (full quote)
  You've become what you always wanted to be, a very big fish. (full quote)
agwendolyn 1. It's only three lines long. 2. This is why you should never show a work in progress. (full quote)
  I hear she got it from the gypsies. What's a gypsie? your mom is a gypsie. your mom is a bitch. (full quote)
  1 she got a glass eye 2iheard she got it from a gypsy 1 whats a gypsy 2your mommas a gypsy 1 your mommas a bitch (full quote)
  1- she got a glass eye 2- i heard she got it from a gypsy 1- whats a gypsy 2- your mommas a gypsy 1 your mommas a bitch (full quote)
marvin mcgoo Who do you want me to be?I've been nobody but myself my whole life. (full quote)
marvin mcgoo You ever tell a joke so many times and you forget why it was funny?Then you tell the same joke later and remember why it was funny in the first place. (full quote)
afear to him, there were only two women in the world...her... and then everyone else.... (full quote)