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Chasing Liberty - 2003 Movie Quotes

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9070 it's just a theory i have (full quote)
  sexy (full quote)
  Person 1: If you're scared, why do it? Person 2: Because the things you're afraid of are usually the most worthwhile. (full quote)
  Person 1: Got a little thing for me dont ya? Person 2: No. Big thing. (full quote)
  Of course you can kiss me. (full quote)
MaggieForMargaret (Name),freelance getaway man. (full quote)
30083 That's Czech for dirty, poluted, sewer water. (full quote)
30083 1.I want to swim naked in the Danube. 2.That's not the Danube. (full quote)
30083 Would you stop taking your clothes off in front of me! (full quote)
30083 1. Oh good, Gabrielle found some other trashy friend to hang out with. 2. Yes....your daughter. (full quote)
38880 I don't want to see you with Gus Gus or any other man. I absolutely adored kissing you in Venice and I become so un-bloody-hinged just being near you. (full quote)
38880 (1) If I kiss you will they shoot me? (2) No, but I will if you don't. (full quote)
  home base go g (full quote)
  you can't learn about love in the classroom...the dorms maybe. (full quote)
  It's aight mate, we got ourselves a Chickiebuffer here! (full quote)
  mcgruff:so you two aren't... annie:NO. mcgruff:(excited)OH, DELIGHT! (mcgruff sits next to annie and leans toward her, annie giggles) mcgruff:have you ever had slow passionate sex on a fast moving train before?! (full quote)
  i love u ben (full quote)
10929 Excuse me. (full quote)
10929 --Never ask a President to promise anything. --I'm not. I'm asking my dad. (full quote)
  I have this theory. If something's supposed to happen then it will. (full quote)
  The naked virgin is safely in bed. (full quote)
  1)So if you're scared, why do it? 2)Because the things you're scared of are usually the most worthwhile. (full quote)
  You forget about the sticker, you move on. One day, maybe you're a little down in the dregs, and all of a sudden, there it is. In the corner of a window, the door of a subway, the side of a telephone booth, one of the stickers. And it puts a smile of your face because you know you are not alone in the world; we're all connected. (full quote)
  [singing] There was a boy, a very strange enchanted boy... (full quote)
  Telling the truth isn't always good but lying isn't always bad. If telling the truth makes someone feel bad then lying can be good. Good things can come from lying and bad things can come from telling the truth. Although sometimes only telling part of the truth is the same as telling a lie. (full quote)
  1 2 your girlfriends?> 1 2 1 (full quote)
  Be sure to smell it before you taste it (full quote)
  Anna: Ben. Can you ever just say what you really feel? Ben: Ok, alright! Because I'm jealous as hell. Because I'd hate to see you with Gus because I'd hate to see you with any other man. Because not only did I adore kissing you in Venice, but also because I'm so un-bloody-hinged just being near you. (full quote)
  -So if you're scared why do it?-Because the things you're scared of are usually the most worthwhile. Just a theory. (full quote)
  -You've got cute morning hair-You've got cute everything (full quote)