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Along Came Polly - 2004 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
15824 i assess risk for a living, its my job to worry (full quote)
15824 RAINDROPS! (full quote)
15824 ahh, a rat, a rat 2) oh no, thats not a rat, thats my ferret. i got him in italy, he's old, he can't really see anymore BOOM! (full quote)
  did you just smack my ass? (full quote)
  1) wut are you doing? you can't eat those! 2) why not? 1) because on average 1 out every 6 ppl wash their hands after going to the bathroom. and people wonder why they get E. Coli (full quote)
35993 I just sharted~c'mon man we gotta go! (full quote)
  You ever hear of a guy shouting out 50 when he orgasms? (full quote)
  I've kinda bounced around to a bunch of different places over the past few years-Lets see..Austin, Istanbul, Sri Lanka, Portland, costa Rica, Buffalo, a couple other of places. (full quote)
  I'm just messing with ya saquatch-lets get it on. (full quote)
  At a certain point, he, ah, looks himself in the mirror and he just say, Hey! I am a hippo-poto-moose and there is nothing i can do about it. And as soon as he accepts this he live life happy! Happy as a hippo! (full quote)
  1)Bah! Rat! Rat in the house!2)Ohh no no, this is redalfo hes a ferret (full quote)
  I thought I told them not to wax this!? 23% of the guest are over 70, I don't want anyone breaking a hip! (full quote)
  Oh god no! No way. No. Yeah. No no no no no no no. Im not really big on the whole, ah, long-term commitment thing (full quote)
  1) I just sharted. 2) what the hell does that mean? 1) it means i tried to let out a fart and a lil shit came out, c'mon man we gotta go (full quote)
vllybllchc 1) we have to leave right now 2)can't we stay just a few more minutes? 1)no..i sharted 2)what? you sharted? 1)yea..i tried to fart and a little shit came out..i sharted (full quote)
  LET IT RAIN!!! (full quote)
  Did you two doucebags bring your A game? (full quote)
  yeah.. some girls find it offensive (full quote)
  It's not about what happened in the past or what you think might happen in the future. It's about the ride for christs sake! There's no point going through all this crap if your not going to enjoy the ride. And you know what, when you least expect it something great might come along. Something better than you even planned for. (full quote)
39364 1.) Raindance 2.) White Chocolate 3.) Iceman 4.) Old school 5.) Let it rain....... (full quote)
  T... I'm burning. My legs are burning (full quote)
  You want to switch guys.(Stiler) No I'd rather not, I just figured out how to guard this guy.(His friend) (full quote)
  ball in (full quote)
40504 you're doing an E! true hollywood story on yourself? (full quote)
  MY NAME IS NOT LUBEN!!! (full quote)
  I think I've found the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.... and when you find want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. (full quote)
  will this base jumping, crocodile wrestling, shark diving, volcano luging, bear fighting, snake wrangling, motor cross racing bastard die? the answer is no my friends. (full quote)
  BLOODY RIPPAAAAA!!!!!!!! - kslay (full quote)
  We drink a leetle whit wine, we talk about life. I cannot 'elp eet. She make like za fire in my tghrowzer. (full quote)
marvin mcgoo I'm not into this whole dirty dancing thing (full quote)
marvin mcgoo Just give her a little tap on her tushie and say,I'm you're daddy,I'm you're daddy. (full quote)
marvin mcgoo 1.AH! a rat! 2.Its not a rat its a ferrett (full quote)
marvin mcgoo YOU DID number TWO IN HER APARTMENT? (full quote)
marvin mcgoo Well,I saw you dancing with that Spainyard. (full quote)
pwtrdrgn I just sharted (full quote)
therealfunbobby WHITE CHOCOLATE!! (BANG) (full quote)
rhps2000 The hippopotamus, he is not born going "Cool bean, I am a hippo." No way, Jose. So he tried to paint the stripe on himself to be like the zebra, but he fool no one. And then he tried to put the spot on himself to be like the leopard, but everyone know he is a hippo. So at certain point, he look himself in the mirror and say "Hey I am a hippopotamus and there is nothing I can do about it." And as soon as he accepts this, he live life happy. Happy as a hippo. (full quote)
amorris057 when someone finds someone else (full quote)