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Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights - 2004 Movie Quotes

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  katie-ill miss you javier- ill miss you too katie- im taking you with me javier- im keeping you here (full quote)
  I don't want you to give up your dreams~Javier I have new dreams now~Katie (full quote)
  Katie: God, would you stop being such a GUY? Javier: Okay, I'll be the GIRL!! (full quote)
  Just feel the music-Javier (full quote)
  You have the sudden urge for cuban music? - Javier (full quote)
  you felt the sudden urge for cuban music? (full quote)
  it's a dance about being exactly who you wanna be in that moment (full quote)
  feels like dancing with my mother's ironing board. (full quote)
  Katie: I'll miss you. Javier: I'll miss you too. Katie: I'm taking you with me Javier: I'm keeping you here. (full quote)
  if you let your heart open up your mind, there's a whole new world on the other side. (full quote)
  Katey-I am going to miss you Javier-I am going to miss you too Katey-I'm taking you with me Javier-Im keeping you here (full quote)
  c'mon,'s a box (full quote)
  1: How do you call these? 2: your hips? 3: (laughs) Move your 'heepths' (full quote)
  Que boniiiita (full quote)
  Katie-I've never seen dancing like that. Its so... Javiar- Cuban? (full quote)
  Katey: I know i guess i should have seen it's just that im not used to.... Javier: Bastards? (full quote)
  KaTy: even though it doesn't seem like it but u r making a difference Javier: what? there is a revolution out there and what am i doing painting stolen cars and babysitting Katy: No ur keeping your family alive and thats all u can do Javier: if we do win this contest.. maybe i can being my family to america with us Katy: ((Nods)) ~*!KiSs!*~ (full quote)
  Move your hips in a circle.. come on a circle..that's a BOX!~Javier (full quote)
  javier:why do u look in the mirror? Katie:im trying to remember the steps i saw javier:what does looking have to do with it.. just feel the music (full quote)
  katy: I can't believe i actually thought we could do this.... whenever he pushes i pull.. and im flowing, im and im moving in a circle and I'm not an ironing board anymore and it's still not working... dance instructor: ((giggles)) katy: then he says ((your afraid)) dance instructor: are you? katy: No! dance instructor: that's to bad.. come here Mumomento stand right here. (full quote)
44759 1. We didn't win the contest. 2. No. But the consulation prize was pretty good (full quote)
  Javier to his brother Carlos at La Rosa Negra: Where's the revolution tonight???, on the dance floor??? (full quote)
  Javier at the beach with Katey: They could be a bird, yo know...they could do FLAMENCO STEPS to make fun of there ouwners (full quote)
twilightaddiction_01 Javier: Where is he!? (full quote)